About us

Swissbeatbox is the world’s largest beatbox platform and provides beatboxing video clips from artists from all over the world. We film beatboxers with our own equipment and organize some of the biggest beatboxing events in the world like the Grand Beatbox Battle. Our clips can be seen here on this website, on our YouTube channel and of course across all social networks; Instagram, TikTok, Twitter and others.

Across all channels, Swissbeatbox reaches about 10 Million fans, followers and subscribers.

Swissbeatbox stands for the quality of beatboxing. By working inside the beatbox community for more than 10 years, we see ourselves as trendsetters. We always find new ways to push this art form forward, hold it as a trend and help the scene grow. We showcase incredible material from professional beatboxers and give new talents a platform.

The aim is to motivate everyone who watches our video clips to beatbox themselves. We also give featured artists a reason for continuing and thus showing them, that they are literally redesigning what we know about the limitations of the human vocals. We are not just documenting, we are leading this vocal revolution, through the art of beatboxing.

Meet the team

Amit – Educational Content
Deborah – Bookings
Julianna – Coordination, Logistics
Kilian – Co-Founder, Design & Development
Pepouni – Co-Founder, Community Development & Organisation
Sinjo – Audio Production

And more than 10 additional people working every day on our video production and social media channels.

Get in touch

If you want to contact us regarding bookings, events, advertising, press, or other business purposes, please get in touch through one of our social media channels.

Other requests can be made there as well, but please be aware that we are not able and do not guarantee to answer all messages we receive. Thank you.