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Answering Community Questions

We are constantly receiving feedback, questions and even critics from the beatbox community. And we are thankful for that, because we embrace an open and factual discussion to enhance Swissbeatbox and the beatbox scene as a whole. To make things easier for everyone, we collect and condense things here on this page. If you think something’s missing or should be added, please use our feedback form or reach out to [email protected]

What is the role of SBX in the beatbox scene?

Swissbeatbox is playing a pivotal role in the beatbox scene for over a decade. While being a prominent platform, SBX actively embraces and collaborates with many other actors in the community. By featuring diverse artists and promoting collaborations, Swissbeatbox contributes to a vibrant and interconnected beatbox community. Its dedication to bring the passion for beatboxing to a broader audience helps beatboxers worldwide gain recognition and build careers. Swissbeatbox sees itself as kind of a media house, showcasing the versatility and creativity of beatboxing.

How is SBX financed?

Almost all of Swissbeatbox’s revenue comes from YouTube Ads, with an average CPM ranging between $0.50 and $1.50, primarily depending on the country of origin for the views. It is publicly accessible through tools such as Socialblade to determine how much money we make considering this CPM. Our income also fluctuates greatly based on whether we run major events like GBB or not. We have no investors in the company and no sponsors on most of our videos. We allocate nearly all of our revenue to staff salaries, equipment, contracted artists, and cross-financing our own events as well as events of other beatbox organizations worldwide.

How does SBX compensate staff members?

Back in the day, when Swissbeatbox was more of a side project rather than an actual company, we distributed our profits among team members based on their workload. However, it was evident that the amount was insufficient for any of us to make a living. As our audience grew, the compensation also grew accordingly. Today, we provide project-based compensation or a fixed monthly salary.

And of course there are many friends who supported SBX over the years basically for free which we compensated with accommodation, food & drinks, tickets, gifts and more.

How does SBX compensate artists?

In most cases, SBX acts like a media or press channel. Meaning that most events and artists just want to profit from our outreach. However, we do share Youtube revenue with many artists for their copyrighted work and have many individual agreements.

We also pay contract-based on projects like the BOSS loop station tutorials and the upcoming SBX Edu just to name a few. And we sponsor events worldwide to help local beatbox communities grow.

How does SBX address inappropriate behaviour?

Wether it is related to SBX team members or participants at our events, we take the issue of inappropriate behavior very seriously and are committed to maintaining a safe and respectful environment for everyone involved. We have implemented clear guidelines and protocols to address any instances of misconduct and ensure appropriate action is taken.

We encourage open communication and transparency within the community. If anyone experiences or witnesses any form of inappropriate behavior, we strongly urge them to report it immediately. We also created the SBX Safe Space series to discuss and address issues within the community.

We are dedicated to creating a community that upholds the highest standards of conduct and ensures the well-being of all involved.

What does SBX actively do to improve?

SBX is dedicated to learning from our failures and continuously improving our processes. We understand that mistakes happen, but what matters most is how we respond and grow from them.

We actively seek feedback from our community, valuing their input in shaping our progress. Their perspectives provide valuable insights that help us refine our approaches and address any concerns or gaps that may arise.

Other than that, we will do our best to prove our progress through our actions: by organizing better, safer events, by providing improved offerings for artists and by strictly following a respectful code of conduct.

Anything missing?

Is there anything else you’d like have answered from Swissbeatbox team? Or do you have any specific suggestions? Do not hesitate to use our anonymous feedback form or reach out at [email protected]

We are grateful for being a part of such an amazing community! ❤️