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Jason Tom on youtube — 3 years ago

Da Best Hawaii – Jason Tom

Da Best Hawaii – Jason Tom

Former Miss Hawaii Olena Hue features Jason Tom Hawaii’s Human Beatbox in the latest installment of Da Best Hawaii. He shared about his human beatbox journey in Honolulu’s Chinatown.. the 1980s.. when his older sister recorded him beatboxing, and what my parents thought about his beatboxing, his 9-5 hustle to pay for his judo training, and when he asked himself the thought provoking questions of “how am I going to leave my mark in this world,” and “how am I going to impact the communities,” following an SUV collision that rendered him unconscious. Be sure to hit that like and subscribe button. And share this with our human beatbox community. Thank you in advance!


  • Marilena Marilena 3 years ago
    Jason is always the best. ?
  • Kenny Endo Kenny Endo 3 years ago
    Keep up the good work Jason! Hope we can share the stage someday!
  • Cherry-Anne Satterfield Cherry-Anne Satterfield 3 years ago
    Amen. That's awesome. ?? Keep it up you're and inspiration to me and others.
  • Reynold Tamayei Reynold Tamayei 3 years ago
    Jason is the real deal!...His energy and talent to Beat Box is truly amazing and his work ethic and character developed within him by his love for Christ simply pushes him over the top!
  • Duke King Duke King 3 years ago
    Very impressive video!! Keep on rockin Jason Tom! ???????

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