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FREEDOM OF SIN | GBB Tag Loop Wildcard 2020

FREEDOM OF SIN | GBB Tag Loop Wildcard 2020

YO this is FREEDOM OF SIN from Germany and this is our wildcard for GBB2020 World League!

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  • Hristiyan Grozev Hristiyan Grozev 1 year ago
    ''MD'' as Producer Nowa Days, myself has realised that beaboxing has to do with a lot of my daily tasks and without it We ain't the Same Charecters. To introduce Myself: MXDX Hi, My Name is Hristiyan Grozev (MD) Machciad Santores, Im an Old School Beatboxer & Officially a Pro - Music Executive, Producer Artist and also a Freerunner. Will be Very Pleased and Honoured, Honestly i love you Everyone, You made my days Better by innfluencing me to become who i really want and what i seek, that passion is actually from Azel he's been my MENTOR since the day one he joined you guys and was in tournaments and events. Yeah Really felt Happy for Him, and took at this Stage we're im just now Producing Music for the World, But to achieve that full freedom, i wanna push the limit and bring it front stage feel the Crowd, the love .. Actions Based on Real positve outcome. GBB has inspired me so Much i cant tell you how disspointed i got when i've herd the News about the Abused Violence! Andreas Has Mentioned it Very Uniquely and EXTREMELY RIGHT from his side, no matter what i wont Stop Respecting Him and all the Community that We are in Swissbeatbox. Hopefully, regarding Everything that happened, always positive no matter what in any cause. Love you guys, i just wish to see everyone Soon, i'm sort of ready with my PC set and just got a look up for some good Equiptments for the Set Environment AND will be glad to stay with you guys just because thats what my heart is ffeeling always ''The Love that we Share with Everyone''

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