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Twelvangla on youtube — 1 year ago

Twelvangla图安|GBB23: World League U18 Category Wildcard

Twelvangla图安|GBB23: World League U18 Category Wildcard

Hello beautiful peeps! I’m Twelvangla or 图安 from China I’m turning 15 on the last day of the GBB event (Oct.22nd) so I get a nice birthday this year This is a rearrangement on Just the Two of Us by Bill Withers but honestly except of the melody it barely has anything to do with it lol I have some little flaws in the recording and I’m not the most technical beatboxer out there but I do have fancy tempo and time signature changes and a hollow whistle which i wanted to use as a pan snare but ended up not doing Hopefully I can qualify for the Grand Beatbox Battle and I hope you all enjoy this piece!

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