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Upload your Video

Upload your Video

Ever wanted to see your Beatbox Video on Swissbeatbox? Here’s your chance!

Since Swissbeatbox is the largest beatboxing community in the world, we receive daily video requests. So far, we’ve only been able to select a few. But now, on our new website, we have set up a Community area. There you can upload your beatbox video and present it to thousands of beatbox fans around the world.

Submit your Beatbox Video

Just click the button below and fill in the form to submit your Youtube video. Please note, that we manually check your submission so it might take some time to check it.


Get featured

We always try to watch all the submissions, pick the best ones regularly and feature them on our official social media channels and main Newsfeed.



  1. Raees 6 months ago

    I’m a beatboxer for almost 3 yrs and I want to join the community plz.

    • Kilaa 6 months ago

      Just submit your video as described above. It’ll take some days but usually we publish all submissions in the community section of this website.

  2. Rk beat 7 months ago

    I want to join the beatbox battle

    • Shravan Haricharan Sundaresan 4 months ago

      Make a wildcard.

    • Yoshinote (Dat Nguyen) 2 months ago

      Make a wildcard and how can they know that? What I need to do?

  3. Nikhil 8 months ago

    I won’t to join the beatbox

  4. B-low 8 months ago

    IG newbee

  5. PurifiedBeatbox 8 months ago

    I just wanna say Hi…. LoL

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