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Ever wanted to see your Beatbox Video on Swissbeatbox? Here’s your chance!

Since Swissbeatbox is the largest beatboxing community in the world, we receive daily video requests. So far, we’ve only been able to select a few. But now, on our new website, we have set up a Community area. There you can upload your beatbox video and present it to thousands of beatbox fans around the world.

Submit your Beatbox Video

Just click the button below and fill in the form to submit your Youtube video. Please note, that we manually check your submission so it might take some time to check it.


Get featured

We always try to watch all the submissions, pick the best ones regularly and feature them on our official social media channels and main Newsfeed.



  • Stephen Stephen 2 years ago
    I have no beatbox name yet I’m a 12 year old beginner beatboxer I have been practicing beatboxing for 1 year and once I got a good mic I will submit a video
    • W-Z W-Z 2 years ago
      hey im 12 to. but i have been beatboxing for 4 years what is your youtube channal name.
  • K-O K-O 2 years ago
    My name Is K-O (My initials) And I have A STRONG devil tomazacre type of bass, i need a good mic so in a couple months i may upload.
    • NFLOW NFLOW 2 years ago
      Hello i want to submit a beatbox but i dont have a mic for video...its allowed to submit But i dont have a mic???
  • Cu83D Cu83D 3 years ago
    I also dream of entering GBB and winning when i get to be older that would be crazy
    My name is SLAZE, Im from India,Meghalaya . I really want to thanks GBB cuz it attracts me to it which makes me interested in beatbox . After 2 year I will come in GBB and win it .
    • Fahim Fahim 2 years ago
      Is this true? OMG if this were true i will immediately post my videos if there anyone has used this before and their videos be posted? If there were I will spend my all day practising my routine and post it..* * O
  • VIRUSS VIRUSS 3 years ago
    Ii am a 15 yr old beatboxer from india and i bbx to have fun and produce melody and big up #VIRUSS
    • Cu83D Cu83D 3 years ago
      Yo my name is Cu83D from chicago, and i think thats Its really cool that people such as myself can make these kinds of noises with ones mouth. I think that its also cool that somthing as fun as beatboxing is somthing you can get payed for. I really hope my submission for my swissbeatbox video gets uploaded. I will be so happy, and will start freaking out, and telling all my friends that beatbox ,and theyll be like "whoa howd you get on there" and i tell them "with this site that i was on in the middle of the night" #Cu83D_bbx✌
    • Sushanshu Sushanshu 3 years ago
      I want to participate in GBB
    • NFLOW NFLOW 2 years ago
      Hello i dont have a mic but i want to submit beatbox...its allowed???

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