swissbeatbox on instagram - 2 years ago

Thank you for letting us pass 2’500’000 subscribers on YouTube yesterday.
We are so so happy about this next very big milestone.

We have a feeling, the beatbox community loves and let’s us grow and that in a way we never expected.
When you come out and you start something that you love it is always easy to show passion.

But to continue constantly, to become professional, give the work structure, make it possible so it grows within the range you think it suits the world community of our art the best, give people that also watch enjoy beatbox the feeling this is something for the future to be ready for, give artists a career to live and also level yourself up personally to be able to work with all kinds of cultures in the world and any age is one beautiful challenge to master. It is a challenge to master that we know is the right thing for us and we know we are on the right path, because of YOU. To get such a huge amount of people to follow us and give us so much good feedback is the best motivation. Thank you for your trust, thank you for your faith, we promise we will increase the level of our service for you trying to give you the best experience, whether as an artist, as a fan or an organization. We love beatbox, this will never change!

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  1. Kalvin Harlan 2 years ago

    Wow. Swissbeatbox is getting to be so big!

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