swissbeatbox on instagram - 2 years ago

Yesterday was the Philippine Beatbox Championship 2019 – It was an amazing night, loaded with energy ?
It was the first time we had the chance to come out with Alem, D-Low, Pepouni, Sinjo and Chezame.

We know that since many years there are so many fans and beatboxers in this fascinating country, and finally, we all met and become friends.

We wish all beatboxers the very best, keep practicing, focus on originality of you can, do music and please never ever lose that drive, passion and emotion you showed to us, this was mindblowing. Please never lose your energy!

We love you, we trust you, thanks for your love ??
What an impeccable hospitality you gave us, highest quality and this day, we will never forget it ?? ❤️

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  1. xZilas 2 years ago

    Did u Post on Youtube The Vid In Battle

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