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Happy New Year 2019 – We truly wish everyone and every beatboxer and every community a good start into 2019.
We are so so happy and grateful to be able to be active in this beautiful and thrilling scene. We want to thank every single beatboxer, every beatbox movement and organisation we worked with last year. Thank you for your trust. We hope you have more success and another great year coming. We love to collaborate with all of you again, we also want to learn to get better and hope to intensify our relationships with you in a positive way .

We also wanna thank every other beatboxer, beatbox organization, fans, viewers, spectators, believers, supporters or just people that love to get entertained. Thank you for thinking high of us and high of our artform. We love you all. It is our goal to give you satisfaction too with our service and job to present beatbox in a cool way, push it further into the future and give beatboxers a career.

For this year we are going to strenghten all our processes to get better at what we do and that we level up again, so YOU get more out of it ??

We wish you a wonderful happy new year, we wish you a lot of happiness, health, good goals and success!

Your SBX team

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