Swissbeatbox on facebook - 6 months ago

‪‪We are excited to have such an amazing judge panel for the Grand Beatbox Battle Loopstation format 2019. Respect to everybody! The judges are:

‪1. Tom Thum 🇦🇺‬ (Tom Thum)
‪2. Beardyman 🇬🇧 (Beardyman)‬
‪3. MB14 🇫🇷‬ (MB14)
‪4. Sam Perry 🇦🇺‬ (Sam Perry)
‪5. The Petebox 🇬🇧 (THePETEBOX)
‪See you all in Warsaw, Poland 🇵🇱‬
‪We are so happy you are all coming.‬

‪Check out all Loopstation wildcard qualifications here:‬

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  1. Daniel 6 months ago

    Please email me when you guys are doing a show in the UK!

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