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Swissbeatbox on youtube — 4 years ago

ALEM & D-LOW | It’s Easy

ALEM & D-LOW | It’s Easy

Happy new Year to everyone around the world =) We continue where we ended with incredible beatbox content =) This video of ALEM & D-LOW is so funny and amazing. Thank you guys or the amazing SBX Asia Tour!

We are using now the dpa 2028 microphone for our events and shoutouts. If you want to buy this microphone, click here:


  • Dream-B Dream-B 3 years ago
    This is a very imaginery beatbox in the world I`m shooook
  • Cu83D Cu83D 4 years ago
    No its 18 and up and they already decided the people in it and your not a professinal I was also very sad when i figured this out because i want to battle people cause im good
  • Dennis Dennis 4 years ago
    Hey, I have one question. I want to take part of GBB 2020 but I don't know if I can because I am thirteen, so can take part?

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