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Swissbeatbox on youtube — 5 years ago

ELISII | Grand Beatbox Battle 2019 | Solo Elimination

ELISII | Grand Beatbox Battle 2019 | Solo Elimination

ELISII at the Grand Beatbox Solo Battle 2019 Elimination. Thanks Elisii for this awesome 2019 beatbox showcase.

Thank you very much to the GBB19 Sponsors:

1) DPA, the microphone sponsor, we love your mics. Check more here:

2) Dynaudio, your support and speakers are lovely. Check more here:

3) BOSS & Roland, thanks for 7 years of involvement. Check more here: https://www.boss.info

4) V-Moda, thank you for the nice headphones. Check more here:

5) Vochlea, thank you for collaborating. Check more here:

6) Asia Beatbox, thanks Mic Lee & Nela, we love you, thanks Benny from the UK, thanks Trung Bao. Subscribe to Asia Beatbox:

7) Thank you THTC for the nice designs. Check their shop: https://shop.thtc.co.uk/

The entire beatbox family wants to say thanks for your support. It was great to work with you all & we look forward to continuing this fantastic relationship with you.

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