Swissbeatbox on youtube - 3 months ago

Funk To The Sunset

Funk To The Sunset

This song is a combination of the three sessions previously published in instagram and the fourth part of the newly created session. If you are interested in the Instagram version, please search by hashtag! Beatboxer : AFRA @afracolores HIRONA @beatboxerhirona TRIP @trip_beatbox RyoTracks @ryotracks NI-SHIMA @nishima_folklore TAKUMI (S.I.T/BEATPiA) @nattotakumi MiZ (S.I.T/MANDALA) @mizbeatbox Director : Masahiko Suzuki Producer : TPK, Always Fresh #日が沈むまでファンク This video was shot non-stop simultaneously with sound and video in Shinjuku,Tokyo in 2019.

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