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GBB 2020: World League | SOLO Wildcard Winner Announcement

GBB 2020: World League | SOLO Wildcard Winner Announcement

Watch this video to find out who won a wildcard for the GBB 2020: World League SOLO category!

If you haven’t already, buy your ticket for GBB 2020 now, before it is too late:

Grand Beatbox Battle 2020

Thanks to everyone who sent in a wildcard, this year was super close again because the beatbox level was extremely high.

Also a huge shoutout to the Judges who did an incredible job with these tough decisions!


  1. Nishant 6 months ago

    I think dillip’s wildcard was worth selecting and audience wise India has a great beat box audience and we were very excited for an Indian to be on an international level but we were little disappointed .
    Anyways i wish gbb2020 goes well

  2. Maximum beatbox 7 months ago

    Where’s Codfish?

    • SparX 3 months ago


  3. Connor 7 months ago

    Wawad’s wildcard doesn’t sound real.

  4. nep2k 7 months ago

    where is dilip and kohey nice picking up for ur business this year all are waiting for them only . continue doing politics with real talents

    • punk 7 months ago

      agree bro

  5. Timothy 7 months ago

    Who were the judges for solo wildcard selections for gbb2020 world league?

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