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GBB 2020: World League | SOLO Wildcard Winner Announcement

GBB 2020: World League | SOLO Wildcard Winner Announcement

Watch this video to find out who won a wildcard for the GBB 2020: World League SOLO category!

If you haven’t already, buy your ticket for GBB 2020 now, before it is too late:

Grand Beatbox Battle 2020

Thanks to everyone who sent in a wildcard, this year was super close again because the beatbox level was extremely high.

Also a huge shoutout to the Judges who did an incredible job with these tough decisions!


  • Nishant Nishant 4 years ago
    I think dillip's wildcard was worth selecting and audience wise India has a great beat box audience and we were very excited for an Indian to be on an international level but we were little disappointed . Anyways i wish gbb2020 goes well
  • Maximum beatbox Maximum beatbox 4 years ago
    Where's Codfish?
    • SparX SparX 4 years ago
  • Connor Connor 4 years ago
    Wawad's wildcard doesn't sound real.
  • nep2k nep2k 4 years ago
    where is dilip and kohey nice picking up for ur business this year all are waiting for them only . continue doing politics with real talents
    • punk punk 4 years ago
      agree bro
    • dillipISnotGOOD dillipISnotGOOD 3 years ago
      Lol yeah..... the zipper is a 1 trick pony........ thats all he has. You fanboys think its cool and it is the first time he uses it. But after his 5th routine and its all zipper........ its kinda trash......
  • Timothy Timothy 4 years ago
    Who were the judges for solo wildcard selections for gbb2020 world league?

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