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Kilaa — 3 years ago

Updated GBB 2021 Health Concept

Updated GBB 2021 Health Concept

Swissbeatbox is happy to announce that the Grand Beatbox Battle 2021, will commence in Warsaw, Poland on October 22nd through the 24th, with the 7 To Smoke and Afterparty occurring on the 25th. In order to make this event a reality, it is very important that anyone planning to attend (staff, participants, and all guests) adhere to the following guidelines.

Update Oct. 2021 — Attention Grand Beatbox Battle 2021 ticket holders, please read below for important health concept updates. In order to attend this event you must comply with and/or be informed of the following requirements:

Due to the ample space we have reserved at the EXPO XXI the current COVID Regulations in Warsaw, Poland do not restrict fully vaccinated guests from coming to GBB21. Wearing masks and the other requirements described below still apply. We will however, LIMIT THE NUMBER of unvaccincated attendees that are allowed to attend the event.

In order to host GBB21, Swissbeatbox must ask for proof of vaccination and health status declaration. It is therefore vital that all ticket holders complete the Official GBB21 health declaration form, as requested via a recent email by Gooout. Your TICKET NUMBER is associated with this REQUIRED form, so please ensure it is complete as we will be checking all ticket holders carefully. This form and appropriate documentation is REQUIRED for entry into GBB21.

Remember, the ONLY refunds that are currently available are for travel restrictions due to VISA processing issues or denial of entry into Poland. Not having your passport in time, or other failure to comply with other documentation requirements does NOT count as a travel restriction due to COVID.

Thank you for completing the official GBB21 health declaration form and reading this update. Remember, stay tuned here for any future updates! If you have any questions or concerns, please send Julianna a message at [email protected].

Covid Guidelines

  • Masks are required during travel, inside the venues, hotel, and while indoors. Please bring plenty of masks to stay clean, and feel comfortable and safe.

  • If you are traveling from Schengen to Poland and You are not vaccinated, to avoid quarantine you are obliged to provide a PCR test done no more than 48h before entering the country.  When coming back, please check the regulations and restrictions in Your country. All of these restrictions are dependent on YOUR COUNTRY’S restrictions and could change at any time. 

  • It is most likely that participants and guests entering the event will have to provide a NEGATIVE Covid test, from no more than 24H before entering (doesn’t apply to those who are vaccinated, but This may change). For now, there are no regulations on the test type; however, this can change in the coming weeks and as local event restrictions update. 

  • Swissbeatbox won’t be covering the costs of testing.  All persons attending are responsible to cover the costs of any testing requirements. We will provide a list of recommended testing centers in Warsaw, which are close in proximity to the event.

  • Without the vaccine, if you come from out of Schengen Zone You have to quarantine for 10 days, and after the 7 days You can do the test, and if it’s negative you will be able to finish the quarantine earlier.

  • These are THE ONLY vaccines that are currently accepted vaccines in Poland: AstraZeneca, Pfizer, Johnson, and Moderna. For Poland to recognize your status as, “fully vaccinated,” 2 weeks (14 days) must have passed AFTER receiving the 2nd dose of the vaccine (or the one-shot vaccine by Johnson).

  • Ticket holders will be obliged to fill in a form, which will be sent to them in advance, informing the GBB21 organizers if they are vaccinated or not.  This statement is required by law; so please be informed that providing any false information may cause you to lose your tickets and could be subject to further penalties by local authorities. 

  • If you are suffering from any symptoms of sickness like cough, temperature, problems with breathing – please stay home and safe, due to health reasons You won’t be able to enter the event. 

  • For safe travel, please check your current restrictions given in Your country and the chosen way of traveling.

  • We will provide an access to antibacterial gel while at the event, and must enforce any social restrictions that may arise.  At this time, there are no restrictions on spacing or seating, as long as our overall capacity remains within regulatory requirements.

  • We will continue to provide updates via announcement videos, livestreams, and other social media postings so please, stay plugged in!

Thank you for reading these important details! For more information please stay tuned and contact our Head of Events & Logistics, Julianna at j[email protected].  We are looking forward to the biggest, craziest GBB yet!

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  • Lucas Lucas 3 years ago
    Do we really need to wear the mask the whole time at the event?
    • Juno Juno 3 years ago
      That's a very good question
  • sdf sdf 3 years ago
    như cục cứt zậy đó
  • Bakushin Bakushin 3 years ago
    I don't get it. Will i be able to participate without vaccine or not?
  • Salih 888 salih Salih 888 salih 3 years ago
    Love 💘
  • Salih 888 salih Salih 888 salih 3 years ago
    Love 💘

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