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GBB20 rescheduled and SBX Camp 2020 canceled


As COVID19 continues to run its course, public reports indicate August is still not enough time for Swissbeatbox to ensure safe events!

Grand Beatbox Battle 2020 rescheduled

To ensure we are doing everything possible to host Grand Beatbox Battle this year, we have decided to reschedule the Grand Beatbox Battle 2020 for December 3 – 6, 2020, at Club Progresja in Warsaw, Poland.

We are so sorry to have to make another change, but feel confident by moving the event to this time, we will all be able to safely and reliably come together at last!

SBX CAMP 2020 canceled ?

Swissbeatbox has made the decision to cancel SBX CAMP 2020, with no further date scheduled at this time.
This event has great meaning to us, and especially to artists who have worked diligently to prepare for the SBX Camp Wildcard competitions! We WILL provide an opportunity to learn compete for those who have won wildcards both the SBX Camp Battle AND the Female 7toSmoke.

We will provide details on this at a later time, but want you all to know we will make this up to you ASAP! As for SBX Camp 2020 attendees, we know you are hungry to learn more about beatboxing! After refunds are issued we are going to work hard to put together some amazing educational tools we hope you will love. ?STAY TUNED for updates on SBX Camp and education! –

Words can’t express how much we love and appreciate our team members, participants, judges, sponsors, supporters, and fans who continue to show us love through this challenging time.

We are so very sorry for these changes, and most importantly hope that you all will continue to support EACH OTHER and beatbox everyday!!! Please contact us at [email protected] with specific questions, concerns, or ideas on how we can serve you better!

Your SBX Team


  1. Luke Nolan 1 year ago

    Fuck sake

  2. Cuipeng 1 year ago

    China NO.1

  3. M.K 2 years ago

    I know that the camp was canceled because of the Covid-19, but if it opens again, how can I register in it?

  4. NEFOLI beatbox 2 years ago

    When will be the Sbx camp??
    I am a Beatboxer from Nepal. I wanted to join the Sbx camp since my childhood as an participant.

    • Matías Agüero 2 years ago

      Srry mate, but the SBX camp was cancelled due to Covid-19 activity

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