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Grand Beatbox Battle 19 Wildcard Competition


The GBB 19 Wildcard Competition for Solo Showcase Battle and for Tag Team Showcase Battle is over. Looping goes on!

The judges will now be watching all wildcard videos on sound-systems and also with headphones to evaluate 11 solo winners and around 8 tag team winners (for sure 8!)

ALL winners will be announced 11th November for Tag-team and 12th November for Solo!

We want to thank 200 solo beatboxers and 30 teams for handing in their wildcard videos for GBB19. We watch all your great inputs and appreciate you so much. Thank you, continue all to beatbox and we can’t wait to present you the winners.

Let the wildcards come in again next year in October ? for GBB20!


  1. PF-715 2 years ago

    I just wanna know that when is the wild card competition for GBB20 held. Pls

    • Kilaa 2 years ago

      Will be announced very soon!

  2. Harlian Saputra 3 years ago

    I am Harlian Saputra

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