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Grand Beatbox Battle 2020 is cancelled

Grand Beatbox Battle 2020 is cancelled

With heavy hearts and teary eyes, we regret to announce that THE GRAND BEATBOX BATTLE 2020 SPECIAL EDITION IS UNFORTUNATELY CANCELLED. Due to unforeseen circumstances, quite a few key artists are suddenly unable to attend, and we cannot afford to continuously cover cancellation costs, especially in such uncertain times. We have nearly run ourselves into the ground trying to organise this event, and SBX will not survive if we continue in this manner. We did everything possible to make this event happen, and sincerely apologize for the multiple posts and the confusion these posts may have caused you.

For the GBB 2020 Wildcard Winners, we realize this is unfair to you, and your work. Therefore, we have decided that ALL GBB 2020 WILDCARD WINNERS ARE INVITED TO RETURN FOR GBB 2021, which will be planned for Oct 2021 (final dates will be announced SOON). We also plan to add more Wildcard spots for GBB21, so not only will all current GBB20 Wildcard winners still be qualified, but there will be an opportunity for more artists to win wildcards for next years event. Not only this, but we will also extend the GBB21 and add an extra day, with more artists performing, so it will be the biggest event we have ever hosted!

The GBB 2021 Wildcard Competition will begin April 1st 2021, so GET READY! More specific rules and announcements to come!

For those of you who are holding onto a ticket to the original GBB 2020, we will be contacting you via GoOut soon.

Lastly, THANK YOU for your patience! You put amazing faith in us everyday, and we realize this process has been challenging. Although the global impact of COVID-19 has forced us to adjust our plans for GBB 2020, and we are sad that we have had to make so many changes, we are also looking to the future and already getting excited for NEXT OCTOBER, FOR THE GRAND BEATBOX BATTLE 2021! ?


  1. Christan macalima 12 months ago

    I will miss you beatbox

  2. Chinese CJ 1 year ago

    Wanna COVID-19 can get out of the World and SBX can begin Grand battle soon!I just want to see more battles!ESH HAHAHA

  3. Beatboxer GAN 1 year ago

    wait to see you next year!

  4. DaringCrab 1 year ago

    Damn I gotta wait till April fools day shhhisssshhhh

    • D-Low 1 year ago

      Yeah I Know Right! They Should Do The Competition On October Or December, Because Last Year They Did It Before 2020 Not When We Were In 2020, So You Pepperoni We Should Do It Before 2021 You Know What I’m Saying Cause I Can’t Wait Any Longer ? plz 🙁

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