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Grand Beatbox Battle 2020

Grand Beatbox Battle 2020

Taking place on the 3rd-6th of April 2020 in Warsaw, Poland, the Grand Beatbox Battle is the biggest annual beatbox battle in the world, featuring over 40 beatboxers from 16 countries competing in 3 categories: Solo, Tag-team, and Loopstation.

There will also be amazing showcases from world class judges – some of the best beatboxers in the world (lineup to be announced).

Click the button below to grab your GBB ticket now!

Buy ticket – SOLD OUT

GBB – World League

We have added the new tag line “World League,” as we will be expanding the event in the next years to new regions around the world, with “GBB – World League” remaining as the central event, same as it has always been. Winners of these other regional GBB events will be automatically qualified for the “GBB – World League,” on top of the other qualified participants and wildcard winners.

Venue & Schedule

The main event will take place on the 3rd and 4th of April in Club Progresja, with the official afterparty and 7toSmoke battle taking place on the 5th of April in Hydrozagadka, where 100 qualifying beatboxers will attempt to make it into the top 8 for a chance to take out the prestigious 7toSmoke title (previous winners include Alexinho, Colaps, Zekka and Alem).

This is the 12th edition of GBB, and due its rapid growth and massive popularity, it is the second time being held outside of Switzerland. Below you can find all the important information regarding GBB20 and the 7toSmoke battle and afterparty, as well as all relevant links to tickets and facebook event pages.


Tickets will be released in batches. Each batch has a limited amount of tickets at a certain price. 8% VAT and 5% booking fee are included.

Early-bird: 45€ – SOLD OUT
(batch of 100 tickets)

First-release: 50€ – SOLD OUT
(batch of 200 tickets)

Second-release: 55€ – SOLD OUT
(batch of 250 tickets)

Third-release: 62€ – SOLD OUT
(batch of 350 tickets)

Fourth-release: 66€ – SOLD OUT
(batch of 400 tickets)

Fifth-release: 70€ – SOLD OUT
(batch of 600 tickets)

Buy ticket – SOLD OUT

Facebook Event

Grand Beatbox Battle 2020 Main Event
Official Afterparty & 7toSmoke Battle


The official Grand Beatbox Battle Hostel is the Patchwork Hostel in Warsaw


Chmielna 5/7,
00-021 Warsaw,

This year we have reserved an entire hostel just for guests and participants of GBB20, the same as GBB19. The hostel is located directly in the middle of central Warsaw, and includes a private bar, common area, and multiple kitchen/dining areas on each floor. To book the hostel, you must purchase a valid GBB20 ticket. To book, simply follow the instructions in your ticket confirmation email you received when you purchased your GBB20 ticket.

Visa & Underage Attendees

Polish Visa for Non-Europeans Citizens

There are a number of Countries outside the EU that do not require a visa to enter Poland. For all information regarding VIsa’s and entry requirements, please visit

Underage Attendees

For any attendees between the age of 13 and 18, you must fill out and bring with you a consent form signed by a parent or guardian. Any attendees under the age of 13 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian who has a valid GBB ticket. You can download the underage consent form here.


  1. Jonas Lisk 3 months ago

    Hello, I have bought a ticket during second release but unfortunately I have an important event during the weekend of GBB20. I haven’t found someone who wants to be there instead of me, yet. So I’d like to know if there’s gonna be an official and legal market for the tickets after they are sold out.

    Best regards from Germany!

    • Julianna - SBX team 3 months ago

      Hello! We are sorry for that inconvenience that appeared for You, but we don’t accept the return and refund of the tickets.

    • Areeb 3 months ago

      Can you sell this to me

    • Jonas Lisk 3 months ago

      @Julianna That’s a pity but thank you for your fast and friendly answer!

      @Areeb Of course I would sell the ticket to you. How can I contact you for further arrangements?

    • Romina Pifferi 3 months ago

      Hello Jonas,

      I am interested in buying it! Have you already sold it?

      Thank you!
      Romina Pifferi

    • Malte Haag 3 months ago

      Ich hätte nie gedacht, das ich mal n Facebook-account erstelle, aber ist die beste Möglichkeit um noch an Tickets zu kommen. Wir hatten uns nur registriert und alle Details, Kreditkarte, Anschrift und so ausgefüllt aber nicht richtig bestellt. Jetzt bräuchten wir noch 2 Tickets, wenn du noch nicht verkauft hast, meld dich gerne, [email protected]

    • Angela 2 months ago

      Hi, I would like to buy your ticket – if you still have it please contact me via e-mail: [email protected]


  2. Ethan McInally 3 months ago

    How do I go about getting a refund as I can no longer attend??

    • Julianna - SBX team 3 months ago

      We are sorry but it’s not possible to return your ticket. If you will have any other questions – feel free to ask.
      We still hope we will see you during the event!

    • Romina Pifferi 3 months ago

      Hello Ethan,

      I would be interested in buying it!
      Can we get in touch if you haven’t sold it yet?
      Romina Pifferi

    • Malte Haag 3 months ago

      Hi Ethan,

      You probably sold them already, but if not I’d be interested in 2 tickets.

    • Angela 2 months ago

      Hi, I would like to buy your ticket – if you still have it please contact me via e-mail: [email protected]


  3. Gus 4 months ago

    what time will GBB 2020 start?

  4. Hamza 4 months ago

    shut up XD

    you’ll enjoy this gbb so don’t worry

    its all righttttttttttttt

  5. Mario 4 months ago

    The judges of this year made a terrible job this year , only pick the beatboxers that everyone knows, not the best one, to bad for the beatboxers that actually deserve to go, gbb have a big 👎🏻 this year

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