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Kilaa — 3 years ago

Grand Beatbox Battle 2021 After-Party and 7toSmoke Battle

Grand Beatbox Battle 2021 After-Party and 7toSmoke Battle

Every year at the Grand Beatbox Battle: World League – the world’s largest beatbox event – the final day of the festival weekend consists of an After-Party and 7toSmoke Battle, to have a chance to reflect on and celebrate the incredible weekend of battles together with both the artists, guests, judges, and the participants, as well as the staff and crew.

This year is no different! We have organised an exceptional lineup of world class DJ’s and live acts to help celebrate the occasion, as well as hosting the largest ever 7toSmoke Battle to date.

Below you will find all information regarding the After-Party and 7toSmoke Battle, including how to qualify, ticket sales, location, and schedule.


⚠️   How to get a ticket   ⚠️
The GBB21 After-Party & 7toSmoke tickets go on sale at 10:00am CET on the 7th of October only for GBB21 ticket holders for 48 hours. Please check the email that you registered when purchasing your Grand Beatbox Battle ticket for the 7TS ticket link. You will need your GBB21 ticket number ready to purchase the after-party ticket.

From 10:00am CET on the 9th of October tickets will be available to everyone, so make sure you get yours quickly so you don’t miss out!

7toSmoke Battle

The 7toSmoke Battle is an iconic event that has been a part of the Grand Beatbox Battle festival weekend for many years. The battle is a part of the official after-party that is held on the day after all the GBB battles are over (this year it’s on Day 4, the 25th of October), and is open to all beatboxers, participants, and guests of the GBB 2021; from professional beatboxers to general ticket holders.

Inspired by the dance battle format of the same name, it consists of pre-eliminations during the GBB21 main event, a live elimination on the day of the after-party (from which eight participants are chosen to battle), and the main battle itself.

Check out the last 7toSmoke that took place at GBB19.

How the Battle Works

All beatboxers who qualify for the eliminations must perform a 1 minute routine in front of the selected judges live on stage. The best eight are then chosen to participate in the battle, ranked from 1 to 8.

The chosen eight participants then must all line up on stage in order from highest ranked elimination to lowest ranked elimination (1 to 8). The current King (starting with elimination rank number 1) always goes second, while the Challenger (starting with elimination rank number 2) always starts. Each beatboxer gets a single 90 second round (for the first 14 battles, then the round time changes to 60 seconds each), starting with the Challenger, to show their skills and beat their opponent, just like any other solo beatbox battle.

After each beatboxer has performed their single round (AB), the judges decide who is the winner of that battle. The winner then gets to stay or move to the King position at the start of the line, and the loser goes to the back of the line, while the next challenger in line must face the current King.

The battle is over and the overall winner is decided when one beatboxer has a total of 7 wins to their name – hence the name 7toSmoke!

To avoid the battle going on for too long (potentially there could be up to 43 battles), once 28 battles have occurred and still no winner has been decided, then the top two scoring beatboxers are chosen to face off in a final AB/AB battle. If there are more than two people who qualify (for example one beatboxer has 6 wins, and 2 have both 5 wins each), then those two who are equal will battle first in a single round battle (AB) to decide who will face the leader.

If more than 2 participants have equal points (for example one participant has 6 points, and three participants have 5 points each, respectively), then the normal 7toSmoke battle will continue until there is a clear difference or an overall winner is decided, whichever comes first. If, for example, the next person to win is the overall leader, then that decides the winner on the spot. However, if the next person to win a point is one of the runners up, then that decides who will be in the final, and then those two must battle to decide the winner.

The final winner is then crowned GBB21 7toSmoke Champion, and will automatically qualify for a solo elimination slot at the GBB22, plus receive a selection of prizes.

How to Qualify for the Eliminations

All official GBB21 participants and judges are given the option to automatically qualify for the 7toSmoke eliminations. For everyone else, please read below.

To qualify for an elimination slot at the GBB21 7toSmoke battle, you must register to perform a 30 second beatbox routine at the 7toSmoke pre-eliminations, which are held every day from 14:00-17:00 on the 22nd, 23rd, and 24th October in the lobby of the main GBB21 Venue – EXPO XXI. There we have set up a small stage and PA that we have dubbed the DPA 7toSmoke Stage. Here you will have the opportunity to perform live on stage using the new official DPA 2028 beatbox microphone.

The pre-elim judges will decide who will qualify based on the skills you show during this 30 second showcase. The only criteria the judges have to decide who qualifies is whether or not they believe that you have a chance to pass the live eliminations at the After-Party on Day 4, which takes place on the 25th of October at Prograsja in Warsaw, Poland – so show your absolute best techniques during this 30 second elim.

To register for the pre-eliminations, there will be a separate entrance at the EXPO XXI hall for all people who want to participate. To use this entrance to register, you MUST be able to beatbox at a reasonable level beyond absolute beginner.

If it is found that you are intentionally using this entrance to gain quick access to the venue, and you do not intend to try out at the 7tosmoke pre-eliminations, you will be expelled from the venue and forced to line up again outside.

The registration will open from 14:00 every day, so be there early to make sure you can secure your spot. On registration, you will receive a time slot for your pre-elimination performance. You must be in front of the stage ready to perform 30 minutes before your assigned time. If not, your name will be removed from the list and your slot will be given to someone else.

The final list of qualified participants for the 7toSmoke eliminations will be posted online on all our social media accounts and our website at the end of Day 3 (Sunday the 24th October), so keep your eyes peeled for those announcements to know if you have made it into the eliminations.

Please be respectful of the staff and judges, they will be registering and listening to HUNDREDS of beatboxers over the 3 days, all of who wish to participate in this event, so please do not abuse or get angry at them if you do not make it into the battle.

Remember – we are family!

Official GBB21 After-Party

After the 7toSmoke Battle and Winners Ceremony is finished, we have booked a lineup of world class DJ’s and Live music to celebrate the end of this incredible weekend together in style.

As the 7toSmoke Battle can last anywhere from 30 minutes until 2 hours, the start time of the After-Party is not guaranteed – it could start anywhere from 23:00 to 00:30. All you need to know is, we will be partying until the early hours of the morning with a lineup of world class DJ’s playing a range of music, from Drum & Bass, Techno, House, Dubstep, and Breakbeat, to live Hip-Hop and EDM.

Artist Lineup

Headline Act
Millbrook (Ram, Hospital Records, Elevate)

Support Acts
HerShe feat. Bassventura
Sinjo (Swissbeatbox, Subland)
Protect Ryan [Maru Ten] (Gutterfunk, Homage)

Location, Schedule, and Tickets

The Official After-Party and 7toSmoke Battle is held at Progresja, which is in a different location to the main GBB21 event.

Note that the venue Progresja has a reduced capacity, so not everyone who has a GBB21 pass will be able to attend. This means you must be quick when tickets become available, as they will sell out extremely quickly.

All participants who qualify for the 7toSmoke via the Pre-eliminations will receive a free pass for this event. However, you will not be guaranteed to pass those pre-eliminations, so if you do not purchase a ticket, and then do not pass the pre-elims, we will not be able to help you get a ticket for the afterparty. We recommend that you purchase one regardless of if you plan to register for the pre-eliminations or not.

If you do purchase an after-party ticket, and then end up qualifying for the 7toSmoke Eliminations, you can sell your ticket to any other GBB21 ticket holder who does not have an after-party ticket (there will be many people who do not have a ticket).


Fort Wola 22, 01-258 Warszawa, Poland


Monday the 25th October until Tuesday the 26th October
17:30 – Doors Open [DJ Set]
18:30 – 7toSmoke Opening Ceremony & Eliminations
22:00 – 7toSmoke Battle and Winners Ceremony
00:00 – GBB21 Official Afterparty [DJ Sets and Live Music]
08:00 – Doors Close


Ticket price: 10€ plus booking fee
Please make sure you have your GBB21 ticket number ready.

Buy 7TS and Afterparty tickets


  • Angelika Angelika 3 years ago
    I'll buy 2 tickets for unvaccinated people. E-mail: [email protected] Ony by TicketSwap.
  • Boushka Boushka 3 years ago
    Hi I just wanna know if gbb will be live stream ?
  • 420 420 3 years ago
    Where's my passcode tho ?
    • Kilaa Kilaa 3 years ago
      Hey there. Presale is for GBB ticket holders. Please check the ticket confirmation email and enter your GBB21 ticket number to purchase the after-party ticket.
  • Micah Micah 3 years ago
    Idk I can never do this tho :( beatbox is my life and for 5 years I have been wanting to come to this but I probably won’t
    • Domenic Ilius Domenic Ilius 3 years ago
      Do you have tickets. If not: I am selling 3 of them. Contact [email protected] if you're interested.
  • Aurélien goetgheluck Aurélien goetgheluck 3 years ago
    Where can I get a ticket?
    • Kilaa Kilaa 3 years ago
      The link has been added. There you go: https://goout.net/en/tickets/official-gbb21-afterparty-and-7tosmoke-battle/yegk/

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