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Grand Beatbox Battle 2021 Winners


One of the most amazing Beatbox event in history is almost over. Many have asked us to quickly summarize all the GBB 2021 winners. So here’s a quick overview.


Tag Team Loopstation

  1. SORRY
  2. Bery
  3. Scam Talk


  1. M.O.M
  2. Sarukani
  3. S.Q.U.I.D

Tag Team

  1. Middle School
  2. Rogue Wave
  3. Rofu


  1. BizKit
  2. Frosty
  3. Rythmind


  1. Colaps
  2. River
  3. Footbox G

7 to smoke

  1. King Inertia

Congratulations to all the winners! This post will soon be updated with further details and results. You can probably imagine that Grand Beatbox Battle days are just crazy for the SBX team. Please bear with us for any delay.



  • Antonio Antonio 6 months ago
    I pretty much agree with every judges decisions except for the tag team loop, it is quite obvious that Bery was way above Sorry in term of music... I know that Sorry was more enjoyable to watch and entertaining but man Bery was just insaaane the musical gap was so big !!
    • Glen Glen 3 weeks ago
      also dice should have ragged chris theodian
  • Telden Tran Telden Tran 7 months ago
    I wish berywam could join the crew, but congrats to everyone for there gbb victory.
  • Aristote Aristote 8 months ago
    Congrats to Middle School and all the winners, big up to the french team too !
  • Et_19_bbx Et_19_bbx 8 months ago
    Congrats to my man colaps🔥🔥
  • Juci - Beat Poetry Club Juci - Beat Poetry Club 8 months ago
    Congrazzzz to my austrian friends MOM - we are veryyy proud - and bäääm great :)))

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