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Grand Beatbox Battle 2021 Winners


One of the most amazing Beatbox event in history is almost over. Many have asked us to quickly summarize all the GBB 2021 winners. So here’s a quick overview.


Tag Team Loopstation

  1. SORRY
  2. Bery
  3. Scam Talk


  1. M.O.M
  2. Sarukani
  3. S.Q.U.I.D

Tag Team

  1. Middle School
  2. Rogue Wave
  3. Rofu


  1. BizKit
  2. Frosty
  3. Rythmind


  1. Colaps
  2. River
  3. Footbox G

7 to smoke

  1. King Inertia

Congratulations to all the winners! This post will soon be updated with further details and results. You can probably imagine that Grand Beatbox Battle days are just crazy for the SBX team. Please bear with us for any delay.



  • No abc No abc 1 year ago
    Will dlow play in 22..... I can't wait for him to battle inertia and river etc. He has also beaten collapse.... Anxiously waiting for dlow to come in 2022
    • Kilaa Kilaa 12 months ago
      Unfortunately, there will be no GBB in 2022 due to some reorganisaiton of SBX and the event itself. Will be back in 2023 better and stronger than ever. Here we shared the official cannellation announcement.
  • Abrar Abid Mahendra Abrar Abid Mahendra 1 year ago
    I can't wait for GBB '22
  • Meghan Parlee Meghan Parlee 1 year ago
    Ahh man now COVID is almost over 🤞🏾, imma coming to the GBB Championships in ‘22! Now I’m not a beat boxer or musician or anything, imma just a single middle-aged white chick from Vancity Canada who appreciates real talent at anything and loves learning about it. And I love music. I actually saw Scott Jackson a few years ago at Vancouver’s 6th anniversary of HipHop Karoke and I was fucking blown away , then I started watching all the GBB videos over COVID and was so impressed and hyped and would make any and all friends and co workers watch and listen till they were as hyped as me!, lol. So I told myself that if restrictions were ever lifted that I was gonna go. See ya’ll soon. In the pit lol. You’ll know it’s me cause I’ll be wearing my fave Compton hat. And the guy with the eyes! He cracks me up. 👊🏼
  • Anuj Ghosh Anuj Ghosh 1 year ago
    I want 22 to be a killer one please 🥺
    • Xeoscorp Xeoscorp 1 year ago
      There is no 22.
  • Atharv Singh Atharv Singh 1 year ago
    many many congratulations to all the winners y'all just broke the stage man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it was a crazy experience justn wating againg for the GBB22

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