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Grand Beatbox Battle 2021: World League | Day 2 | Official Livestream

Grand Beatbox Battle 2021: World League | Day 2 | Official Livestream

This is the official livestream of the GBB21: World League! Join us on the second day of the biggest beatbox event ever!

GBB21 Schedule Day 2

14:00. LOBBY DOORS OPEN (7toSmoke Prelims Registration ONLY)

14:30. 7toSmoke Pre-eliminations

16:00 DOORS OPEN Check in for All Ticket holders

18:00. Day 2 Opening Ceremony w/ Sinjo [DJ Set] & Scott Jackson

18:30 Pe4enkata – Judge Showcase

19:15 Tag-Team Loopstation Showcase Battle

20:00 Tag-Team Showcase Eliminations

21:15 BREAK w/ Maru Ten [DJ Set]

22:15 Uniteam – Showcase

22:30 Loopstation Quarter-Finals

23:45 Solo Top 16 Battles

01:15 The Petebox – Judge Showcase

01:45 Day 2 Closing Ceremony w/ Scott Jackson

02:00 AFTERPARTY w/ HerShe [DJ Set]



  • Tj Tj 1 year ago
    I love yall
  • Kilaa Kilaa 1 year ago
    Hey folks! We apologize but we had to set the livestreams to members only due to numerous copyright infringements. It’s not possible for us to hold an event of this size if others steal and publish our content. Reaction videos are still possible. Just get approval upfront by sending an email to [email protected] We’re working tirelessly to publicly upload the first GBB videos with proper post production and audio mastering as soon as possible.

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