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Grand Beatbox Battle 2021: World League | Day 3 | Official Livestream

Grand Beatbox Battle 2021: World League | Day 3 | Official Livestream

And we are back with the third day of the Grand Beatbox Battle 2021 Livestream.

GBB 21 Schedule Day 3

18:00 18:30 Opening ceremony
18:05 18:35 Showcase – D-Low
18:20 18:50 CREW SHOWCASE

21:00 BREAK

22:00 Showcase – Spiderhorse
22:50 TAG TEAM – Finals
1:30 Showcase – SARO
1:50 Showcase – YUOS

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  • Kilaa Kilaa 2 years ago
    Hey folks! We apologize but we had to set the livestreams to members only due to numerous copyright infringements. It’s not possible for us to hold an event of this size if others steal and publish our content. Reaction videos are still possible. Just get approval upfront by sending an email to [email protected] We’re working tirelessly to publicly upload the first GBB videos with proper post production and audio mastering as soon as possible.
    • Jamie Jamie 2 years ago
      Any word on when the public videos will be posted? How do I become a member of the channel?
  • Daniel Discombe Daniel Discombe 2 years ago
    This has become a private video on youtube, am I able to watch as a member of the channel?
    • Bernat Pascual Bernat Pascual 2 years ago
      You have to become a member of the channel and it costs 1 euro a month!!! Not happy about that :(
  • Piotr Piotr 2 years ago
    Private video?:(
  • Just a Looper Just a Looper 2 years ago
    Really enjoyed watching the stream. Big up! 1 little thing: Could you maybe post the results somewhere here on this website. I wasted so much of my data plan and my phone died twice, just because I tried going through 10.000 Insta-stories to finally get to the one I am looking for...
    • Kilaa Kilaa 2 years ago
      Hey there. You are right and we just did a quick summary here: GBB days are super crazy for the SBX team, sorry for the delays.
  • Anonymous Anonymous 2 years ago
    I really enjoy the stream a lot, but you should definitely adjust the schedule so everyone that's joining in later can still have a clue what's happening. Tag team finals should have started at 22:50, it's now 0:08 and it's just about to start. I mean hellooooo?
    • Kilaa Kilaa 2 years ago
      Thanks for this feedback. We will definitely have to review the schedule for the next edition.
    • Hyper Hyper 2 years ago
      Is on fire
    • Hyper Hyper 2 years ago

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