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Kilaa — 3 years ago

Grand Beatbox Battle 2021

Grand Beatbox Battle 2021

As we all know, the last year has been difficult for everyone. Due to the unfortunate worldwide circumstances brought on by Covid19, we had to cancel GBB20 for the health and safety of the artists and guests – not just once, but twice. Fortunately, to make up for the terrible year 2020 has been, we have decided to MASSIVELY level up this next edition of the worlds biggest international beatbox battle!

Not only will we be adding extra wildcards to the event (details below), making the solo competition top 16 instead of top 8, as well as creating a loopstation showcase elimination (5 min each), we will also be adding an extra day to account for all the additional competitors and categories. On top of this, we have moved to a MUCH larger venue, so there will be many more tickets available for everyone to attend the event.

GBB21: World League

Taking place in Warsaw, Poland on the 22nd, 23rd, and 24th of October 2021, with the 7toSmoke Afterparty on the 25th, the GBB is the biggest annual beatbox battle in the world, featuring over 60 beatboxers from 20 countries competing in 5 categories:

  • Solo Showcase
  • Tag-team Showcase
  • Solo Loopstation Showcase
  • Tag-Team Loopstation Showcase
  • Crew Showcase

There will also be amazing showcases from world class judges – some of the best beatboxers in the world (TBA).

We have added the new tag line “World League,” as we will be expanding the event in the next years to new regions around the world, with “GBB: World League” remaining as the central event, same as it has always been.

Winners of these other regional GBB events will be automatically qualified for the “GBB: World League,” on top of the other qualified participants and wildcard winners. This will be implemented for future GBB events, starting in GBB 2022.

The main event will take place on the 22nd, 23rd, and 24th of October in the Warsaw EXPO XXI hall, where the qualifying participants of each category will battle it out in front of the world class judge panel over 3 days to decide the winners of their respective categories.

The official afterparty and 7toSmoke battle will take place on the 25th of October in a separate venue (TBA), where 100 qualifying beatboxers will attempt to make it into the top 8 for a chance to take out the prestigious 7toSmoke title (previous winners include Alexinho, Colaps, Zekka and Alem). On top of this we will have a lineup of killer DJ’s who will smash the dance floor to wrap up the days of partying and battles.

This is the 12th edition of GBB, and due its rapid growth and massive popularity, it is the second time being held outside of Switzerland. Below you can find all the important information regarding the Wildcard competition, GBB21, and the 7toSmoke battle and afterparty, as well as all relevant links to tickets and facebook event pages.

GBB21 and Covid19

As we all know, nothing is certain in these difficult times, so we rely heavily on working with local government organisations to keep up to date with the constantly changing circumstances.

To be flexible for the constantly changing circumstances, and to make sure that the safest possible environment is maintained for everyone present, we are consistently working with the local government and public facilities to develop a range of different options to allow the event to go ahead, while ensuring the safety of all the guests, artists, and crew.

GBB21 will happen regardless, please pay close attention to our social media accounts to stay updated on the developing situation. We will update info as soon as we can.


GBB21 Health Concept

GBB20 Tickets and Covid19

All guests with a valid ticket for GBB20 are automatically valid for GBB21! If you have a ticket for GBB20, and want to come to GBB21, you don’t have to do anything, just display your GBB20 ticket on arrival at the venue.

In the case that we must run a restricted event, and you are not able to attend due to reduced numbers, there are two options:

  • Option 1: Your ticket will be valid for GBB21, and you can transfer the ticket to the next event.
  • Option 2: You can apply for a refund of the ticket, which will be processed by the GoOut ticketing system.

As we are struggling with funds for this event, due to the fact that we had to cancel twice already last year, we kindly ask that if you do plan to attend GBB22, please hold on to your ticket rather than refunding, as this will help us out immensely in running this and next years event. However, if you do not plan to attend GBB22, then we totally understand, and your refund will be processed as fast as possible. Please contact [email protected] if you would like to process a refund.

Wildcard Competition

To qualify as a participant of GBB21, you must either have won one of the previously held qualifying events, or enter the NEW wildcard competition to win a spot in one of the 5 categories (a new wildcard must be recorded, previous entries that did not qualify for GBB20 will not be valid).

All the previous winners of the wildcard competition for GBB20 (who did NOT cancel before the original due date, and not for reasons outside of Covid19) will be automatically qualified for GBB21.

Wildcard Competition


Additional wildcard spots:

Solo Showcase
7 additional wildcard spots (total of 24-25 participants)

3 additional wildcard spots (total of 9 participants)

Solo Loopstation
4 additional wildcard spots (total of 17 participants)

Tag-Team Loopstation
As this is a new category, there will be no additional wildcard spots (total of 3 participants)

1 additional wildcard spots (total of 4 participants).

The new wildcard competition will take place from the 1st until the 30th of April 2021, and the results will be announced towards the end of May 2021. All further details regarding the GBB21 Wildcard competition will be announced at a later date, so make sure you WATCH THIS SITE!

Battle Categories & Schedule

Below are the details for each battle category, how the battles will be formatted, and which battles will take place on what day.


Day 1 – Loopstation & Solo Showcase Eliminations.
Day 2 – Tag-Team Loopstation Showcases, Tag-Team Showcase Eliminations, Loopstation Quarter-Final Battles, Solo Top 16 Battles.
Day 3 – Crew Showcases, Loopstation Final Battles, Tag-Team Final Battles, Solo Final Battles.
Day 4 – 7 to Smoke Eliminations and Battle, Afterparty w/ live music and DJ sets.

Solo Showcase Battle

  • 24-25 participants
  • Battle order:
    • Eliminations (Day 1)
    • Top 16 Battle (Day 2)
    • Quarterfinals (Day 3)
    • Semifinals (Day 3)
    • Finals (Day 3)
  • Round times:
    • 4 minute elimination round
    • 2x 90 seconds battle rounds
    • No overtime allowed

Tag-Team Showcase Battle

  • 9 participants
  • Battle order:
    • Eliminations (Day 2)
    • Semifinals (Day 3)
    • Finals (Day 3)
  • Round times:
    • 4 minute elimination round
    • 2x 90 seconds battle rounds
    • 90 seconds overtime rounds (from semi-finals onwards).

Solo Loopstation Showcase Battle

  • 17 participants
  • Battle order:
    • Eliminations (Day 1)
    • Quarterfinals (Day 2)
    • Semifinals (Day 3)
    • Finals (Day 3)
  • Round times:
    • 5 minute elimination round
    • 2x 3 minute battle rounds
    • No overtime allowed

Tag-Team Loopstation Showcase Battle

  • 3 participants
  • Battle order:
    • Showcases (Day 2)
    • Round times:
    • 5-6 minute showcase round
    • No overtime allowed

Crew Showcase Battle

  • 3 participants
  • Battle order:
    • Showcases (Day 3)
    • Round times:
    • 6 minute showcase round
    • No overtime allowed


Judges for all categories, including the wildcard competition, and judging criteria, will be announced soon – WATCH THIS SPACE!


You may notice, ticket prices are slightly higher than previous years, but unfortunately, this is essential for us to be able to run this year’s event, as there are many serious fallouts of the disaster that was 2020.

First and foremost, because we have had to cancel GBB20 twice, this has set us back significantly, and due to all the cancellations, we lost out on the venue, the hotel, and the flights.

On top of this, we have secured a much larger venue to allow for more people to come, which is the only way that GBB21 can go ahead. We also have added more categories, as well as more battle participants, and extended the duration of the festival. Additionally, all ticket holders from 2020 are able to transfer their tickets free of charge to the GBB21.

Finally, the implementation and execution of a satisfactory health and safety plan for the entire event is essential, as the well-being of our guests, participants, judges, and crew is our number one priority!

Buy GBB 2021 tickets

Facebook Events

GBB21 Main Event

Official Afterparty & 7toSmoke Battle


Join us at the official GBB21 Hotel

The Westin Warsaw

al. Jana Pawła II 21, 00-854 Warszawa, Poland

Due to the circumstances surrounding Covid19, the hostel we partnered with in 2019 has unfortunately been forced to close down permanently, so that partnership will not be available this year. Due to the workload and safety concerns surrounding the pandemic and lockdown, we will not be able to organise an entire hotel reserved for the guests of GBB21 as we did for GBB19.

The Westin Warsaw has been kind enough to sponsor this event, and host all of the participants, judges, and crew. On top of this, they have offered a significant discount to all GBB21 ticket holders who wish to stay in this hotel. For those that would prefer to stay somewhere else, we recommend to stay somewhere close to the venue to avoid excessive public transport, or in central Warsaw where easy access to public transport is available.

If you would like to make a reservation with the Westin Warsaw : Book your group rate for GRAND BEATBOX BATTLE 2021 WORLD LEAGUE – or contact directly to Ms. Aleksandra Plocharczyk calling +48 22 450 8711 or email [email protected]

Polish Visa for Non-Europeans Citizens

There are a number of Countries outside the EU that do not require a visa to enter Poland. For all information regarding Visa’s and entry requirements, please visit https://www.justlanded.com/english/Poland/Poland-Guide/Visas-Permits/Who-needs-a-visa-to-visit-Poland

Underage Attendees

For any attendees between the age of 13 and 18, you must fill out and bring with you a consent form signed by a parent or guardian. Any attendees under the age of 13 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian who has a valid GBB ticket. To download the underage consent form, please click here – https://cutt.ly/OzzL3W3


  • Lucas Lucas 3 years ago
    Does anybody know if it's possible to stream the gbb?
  • Toni Palmentieri Toni Palmentieri 3 years ago
    Hey everyone. I have 4 tickets for sale. They are GBB20 tickets, which are valid for this event as well. I bought them for 66€ and would like to sell them for 60€. Contact: [email protected]
  • Toni Palmentieri Toni Palmentieri 3 years ago
    Hey everyone. I have 4 tickets for sale. They are GBB20 tickets, which are valid for this event as well. I bought them for 66€ and would like to sell them for 60€. Contact: [email protected]
  • Gerardo Rodas Gerardo Rodas 3 years ago
    Hi, can you please give me information about how to get a ticket for the online stream? ¿Or do a have to buy the same ticket as people hoaw's will go to the presential event?
  • Alex Alex 3 years ago
    Hello everybody, I would like to sell my 108EUR ticket for 100EUR. Only bank transfer. email: [email protected]

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