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Kilaa — 2 years ago

Grand Beatbox Battle 2022 Cancelled

Grand Beatbox Battle 2022 Cancelled

The SBX team regrets to inform our community the cancellation of the Grand Beatbox Battle 2022.
Due to an internal reorganization, SBX is working diligently to improve its team operations, product quality and project innovation. We truly appreciate the community’s continuous support and patience.

For those of you, who has decided for a special ticket pack offer (keep the ticket for the edition 2022) – PLEASE check your emails, you should receive an email from us.

Finally, stay tuned for the return of GBB in late 2023! We will be back bigger, better and stronger for the community💪

In case of any questions, don’t hesitate to reach us here: [email protected]


  • Messiah Messiah 5 months ago
    Is there a time where GBB will be hosting in USA?
  • Pintett Pintett 1 year ago
    Unfortunately it is on Japan, way too expensive for us folks in Europe :|
  • Julian Murillo Julian Murillo 2 years ago
    Hey amazing team! I’m curious to know where GBB 2023 will be held, I understand if there’s no location yet but it’s been a long dream of mine to see GBB live. Can’t wait to have it back on and support you guys!

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