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Swissbeatbox on youtube — 7 months ago

Grand Beatbox Battle 2023: World League | Day 1 | Official Livestream

Grand Beatbox Battle 2023: World League | Day 1 | Official Livestream

Here is the official livestream of Grand Beatbox Battle 2023 in Tokyo – Day 1!

Become a member and access this livestream until the end of GBB.

We are here to help! In case of any questions please contact our Support Leader Member Julianna @julianna_swissbeatbox on Instagram or email [email protected]


  • Particle6 Particle6 7 months ago
    I live in the US and was unable to watch this live due to time differences... Why isn't the replay available even for members?
  • Abdou Abdou 7 months ago
    which membership is the minimum to access the replay ?
    • Kilaa Kilaa 7 months ago
      Any membership tier is eligible to watch these streams.
  • meow meow 7 months ago
    please allow members to watch
  • Connor Connor 7 months ago
    I buy a membership to watch the stream as you instructed me to do above… I subscribe, and I can’t view it? Can we fix this?
  • david david 7 months ago
    Why would you private it? working people cant watch through the day . we have no chance to see the gbb livestreams at all? seems kinda unfair we gotta wait months for uploads

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