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Grand Beatbox Battle Solo Eliminations

Grand Beatbox Battle Solo Eliminations

‪The Grand Beatbox Battle2019 elimination show is over.‬ ‪Watch the official playlist of GBB19 solo eliminations here, which one was your fav?‬

We want to thank all participants one more time, cheers for coming out; what an army of beatboxers ey.‬ You are all so amazing. Thank you to every single artist that made it out, all of you were absolutely fantastic on our stage beatboxing. You are all a big inspiration for the world and the beatbox scene. Please don’t stop. We hope to see all of you on many big stages again in the future; why not the GBB one? We love you!

Thank you and much love to
1. Colaps 🇫🇷
2. Codfish 🇦🇺
3. D-low 🇬🇧
4. Bataco 🇯🇵
5. H-has 🇰🇷
6. Show-Go 🇯🇵
7. Trung Bao 🇻🇳
8. FootboxG 🇧🇪
9. Elisii 🇨🇦
10. Zekka 🇪🇸
11. Cloud 🇰🇷
12. B-Art 🇳🇱
13. MB14 🇫🇷
14. Audical 🇺🇸
15. Tomazacre 🇨🇱
16. River 🇫🇷

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