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Hiring Social Media Manager



Swissbeatbox (SBX) is the world’s leading beatbox brand and multimedia production house curating hundreds of content annually! SBX’s range of projects includes: high-volume live and virtual events, education platform, film production, music production, sound engineering, social media and more! Currently, the SBX community spans all over the globe with approximately 9.5 million followers across most major social media platforms.

What is Beatboxing? Beatboxing is the musical art-form and vocal technique of imitating percussive sounds and various instruments. The beatbox discipline has evolved over time into a global and viral competition-based community. As it continues to expand into other mainstream mediums, beatbox is a highly trending arena on social media.

Job Overview

As the social media manager of SBX, your main objectives will consist of:

  • Delivering hundreds of high-quality content to our massive global beatbox fanbase annually.
  • Create incredible memories for the beatbox culture via impactful and viral content creation.
  • Reinforce, support and grow the beatbox community by developing innovative experiences.

We are seeking for a passionate individual that is willing to learn the industry culture, embrace the artform and show innovation in content creation. Additionally, we hope to cross paths with an individual who can exhibit great work ethic, great team rapport and great communication skills!

Additional details:

  • Hiring Company: Swissbeatbox
  • Job Title: Social Media Manager
  • Direct Report : General Manager
  • Contract Type: Full-Time Position
  • Location: Remote / Event Travels

Responsibilities & Duties

  • Operate and control content logistics for all our social media channels (YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Twitch +)
  • In charge of copywriting, editing and publishing engaging posts in English optimised for each of our social media channels.
  • Design and propose innovative social media strategies specific to each channel to drive our total community engagement.
  • Build and implement strategic marketing posts for our offline events, as well as be available to be on-site for directing live content.


  1. Full language proficiency in English
  2. 2+ years experience in social media operations
  3. Basic multimedia (photo/video) editing abilities
  4. Strong writing skills (headlines, descriptions, etc.)
  5. Procure and analyse social media data reports
  6. Bonus: passion + knowledge of beatbox culture

What you get

  • An opportunity to work in a truly international setting and truly niche industry.
  • Chances to experience high-profile projects / media production / collaborations / etc.
  • Flexible working hours and remote work, as long as reasonable deadlines are met.
  • The ability to travel the globe and experience different cultures, while supporting events.
  • Internal job promotions based on performance, timely deliverables, effective communication, etc.

Apply now

We welcome you to apply and potentially experience new horizons with the SBX team!
Please submit your resume, cover letter and any other supportive information at [email protected].


  • Rilana de Haas Rilana de Haas 1 year ago
    Hello! I have a question about the application. I am really interested in the job and have sent in my resume and letter to the e-mail. Do I get a confirmation mail back? And when could I expect a response? With kind regards, Rilana
    • Kilaa Kilaa 1 year ago
      Hey Rilana. Thanks for your application. You should have received a confirmation mail. Please get in touch with [email protected]. Our team member Julianna will be able to answer your questions.
  • Samim Samim 2 years ago
    Hi, is there an age limit?
    • Kilaa Kilaa 2 years ago
      Yes. To be eligible for a full-time position, you must be of legal age, which is 18 in most countries.
  • Gayane Gayane 2 years ago
    Hello, is there a deadline for applying for a job?
    • Kilaa Kilaa 2 years ago
      Hello Gayane. There's no strict deadline for now. But let's say we're trying to find someone during the next 3 months.

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