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Swissbeatbox on youtube — 3 years ago



We introduce to you MAESTRO BEATBOX AMERICA, the first beatbox battle to unite the entire American continent!

This competition will be held in El Salvador in 2022 This is the perfect country for the competition due to its central location and also how cheap it is to go due to its little usual tourism.

16 BEATBOXERS FROM ALL AMERICA will qualify during the entire period of 2021 so that they can represent their flag in the international competition that we will do. Each country will host a national qualifier, a top 8 beatbox battle held over discord, and the winner will become qualified for Maestro Beatbox America!

3 days of ACCOMMODATION, TRANSPORTATION AND FOOD in El Salvador will be provided to the top 16 competitors of this competition. Each competitor is responsible to book their own flights to El Salvador with a financial contribution from Beatbox America to assist airline costs.

During the period of 12 months, we will have 12 national finals that will give 12 qualifiers. Information about the remaining 4 spots in the competition will be announced soon, so be sure to follow Beatbox America for the most recent updates and information.

It’s here! and we want to give you the complete info so that you can be part of this great event, if you have not seen the announcement video before, we invite you to check it before continuing.

We have all about how to participate in this event!

1) Event only for america.
This event is only for the American continent, and all people with nationality from any country here.

2) Only the best 16
This event during the year 2021 will classify the best exponents by country to summon at the end of the year, a top 12
the 4 missing spots will be given in wildcards that will be announced soon.

3) National qualifier
Each country will have a national final that will qualify a single person to join the top 16 final, the people who enter this national final will be previously classified by their country in x or y way, no matter the way.

4) where will they be?

All qualifiers will take place on the official beatbox america server, each national final will be streamed every month.

5) Countries without qualification?

We know that unfortunately we cannot include all the missing countries, for reasons of greater weight, but we have an open qualification day for all the countries that are left out, but are in America, it will be the last one in December, and the Spaces for this will be announced soon.

You already know that the competition is going through the first stage of selection, so be patient, your local communities will soon give you pending ranking information.

6) Winners of each national final

In addition to taking the merit and a reserved place in the international final, they will have an economic contribution exclusively for their passage to the country of the competition.

7) Age restriction

Yes, we have an age restriction for the competition, only people 17 or over 17 years old can participate in the national qualifiers.

frequent questions:

Q: Can I participate if I am not living in any country in America?
A: No, unless you legally have a nationality of some country there

Q: If I win, can I claim the contribution right away?
A: We want to give a contribution for each trip of each participant, we want to make sure that it will be for the purpose of the trip, so we will give it later, almost before the competition

Q: Will there be a prize?
A: One, and very big, one more motivation to continue professionalizing the beatbox.

Q: My national community has not said anything about the event, I found out by other means.
A: They have the duty to let you know, only if it is the month in which they must battle.

are u ready? 🥰🥰👊


  • beatbox champ beatbox champ 9 months ago
    this looks cool but i dont understand
  • Jeffery Jeffery 2 years ago
    Can you post the link to enter the tournament? I want to know where to submit my wildcard. Thank you!

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