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Swissbeatbox on youtube — 4 years ago

Pe4enkata & Vesko Eschkenazy ?? | Indila-tourner dans le vide (cover)

Pe4enkata & Vesko Eschkenazy ?? | Indila-tourner dans le vide (cover)

We are honored to present to you World Champion beatbox artist and all time concert master & legendary violinist. These two seasoned musicians have been collaborating together live on stage for over seven years and with two original songs written by Pe4enkata on her loop station, she then sends to Vesko Eschkenazy to record his violin to create their tracks together. One of the first projects they did as a collaboration was a cover of ‘Libertango’.

Due to recent events, they couldn’t do their tour together which would have been Vesko’s 50th birthday and so they decided to do something very special for all the people who would have been their live. Pe4enkata is also Scott Jackson’s guest on Beyond the Beats THIS Sunday at 9pm CET.

Did you know Pe4enkata is the Solo World Beatbox Champion 2012, judged Grand Beatbox Battle and also taught at SBX Camp?

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