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Photo Gallery Grand Beatbox Battle 2019



  • NAY NAY 5 years ago
    Amazing work, amazing event, everything is so cool at gbb. I’m disappointed for Elisii I have known him for his elimination and thought he was about to go in final. Not important because he will come more stronger next year. Big up again to those who work on this event, dynaudio, dpa and sbx. Cheers from france
  • Khrisna Khrisna 5 years ago
    I can't believe inkie would loose against NME, So sad to see that. But whatever i will always love this event. Hope i could watch it live someday. Great job you all
  • zeox zeox 5 years ago
    everything is best in gbb 2019
  • Franziska Schilling Franziska Schilling 5 years ago
    Beautiful photographs that capture the energy and and the feeling of this event so well! Thank you and keep up the incredible work! ??❤️
  • Dbbx Dbbx 5 years ago
    GBB 19 is the best beatbox event ever, Dlow is a very strong battler in the stage, but i think elisi shoul be in the semifinal, his structure and flows are inhuman, big up for him, and i think he should be in the final next year

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