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Kilaa — 5 years ago

Photo Gallery SBX Camp 2019

Photo Gallery SBX Camp 2019

Welcome to the SBX Camp 2019, a place for you to level up your beatboxing, while hanging out with like minded individuals, as well as some of the most influential beatboxers and artists in the scene. Here you can make new friends, create unforgettable experiences, and meet all of your beatboxing idols.

SBX Camp is a place of learning and growth, of shared values and openness, where you can try new things without fear of being judged – a place where you can be your true self! We strive to create the ultimate beatbox learning experience with some of the best in the business.

This year we were lucky enough to have teachers of the highest calibre, such as Alem, Alexinho, Gene Shinozaki, Fredy Beats, and Dharni, to name a few. The students got to learn new techniques, train with the best, and experience what its like to perform and battle on stage. On top of this, every night there was different battles and showcases with both students and teachers, including afterparties with the Fair Play Dance camp. Students and teachers got to party and mingle with some of the best dancers in the world, and share their new found knowledge with each other.

Below you can check out some of the amazing photos from this years SBX Camp. By the way, you can still buy the official SBX Camp Merchandise.

Grab your tickets for next year when they go on sale so you too can be a part of this incredible experience.


  • SNBeat SNBeat 5 years ago
    It was an amazing experience. So much fun and so many things to learn. Thanks for images. Surely I'm coming again next year. From Saudi Arabia ??♥️
  • HARIBOL HARIBOL 5 years ago
    Why my profile pic has dick shape
  • HARIBOL HARIBOL 5 years ago
    Siiiickkkkk!! ❤️❤️
  • Katarzyna Danzon Katarzyna Danzon 5 years ago
    It was really fantastic time ❤️ Thank you and I hope see you soon ❤️

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