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Rest in peace Kid Lucky

Rest in peace Kid Lucky

Rest in peace to one of the original pioneers of the human beatbox, King Luck a.k.a Kid Lucky. Your influence has reached far and wide and has inspired the world over and over. ? You were one of the first to show the world this artform which we love so much, and used hip hop as a tool to connect communities and spread the love of music and human connection.

Your wisdom has shaped the beatboxing community into what it is today, and we would not be where we stand today without you, a true legend of this world.

We wish your family and friends peace during this time and send all of our love and support ❤


  1. Tim Lawlor 1 year ago

    It is new year’s eve 2021 and I wish kid was still here. I knew Terry before he was Kid.Long before. He was a beautiful talented human who I’ll always remember as a friend. A wonderful caring friend.

  2. kurt mendoza patal 1 year ago

    rest in peace idol!!

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