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SBX Camp 2019 Merchandise


This year we launched the first edition of the SBX Camp, and were lucky enough to team up with The Hemp Trading Company (THTC), who produced all of the clothing and merchandise for this years event. THTC is a company with a focus on sustainability and quality, and we highly value their support for this event.

SBX Camp 2019 was designed to help level up students beatboxing abilities, while providing a safe space for students to grow and create unforgettable memories with like minded individuals, and it was a huge success.

We still have some SBX Camp THTC merchandise available, such as t-shirts, hoodies, lanyards, and bags, but they will not last long, so get yours while stocks last.

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Not what you are looking for? Make sure you check out the official SBX Merchandise shop.


  • Eyad ayman Eyad ayman 4 years ago
    when are you getting more of the sweatshirts
  • Ekin Ekin 4 years ago
    I want that Black back pack

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