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This summer we are proud to announce SBX CAMP 2019

Taking place in Krakow, Poland from 7th-14th August 2019.

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This is the place where our only MAIN PURPOSE is to coach and train your beatbox skills beyond your own limits and become the best beatboxer you can ever be!

We now only focus on students’ improvements and make sure they get enough hands-on practice and experience throughout the camp. Every student will get many chances to beatbox on stage, jam together, join battles, and also even get to perform on the street busking! Everything will be guided by our key teachers this year.



This year We have selectively picked 7 key teachers who will be there to share all their knowledge with you, coach you, train you and make sure you actually LEVEL UP LIKE NEVER BEFORE!

Here are this year’s Key Teachers:


Basic Looping

For those people who don’t know how to loop and want to start learning it, this is the best lesson for you. Every student gets the chance to use the RC 505 loopstation and have a good hands-on experience on how fun and innovative basic looping can be! This is a must go lesson if you want to get the best foundation for looping before you develop further into a pro! MB14, like no other, will deliver these basics to you guys before you set sail to deeper waters!

Gene Shinozaki (With Chris Celiz)

Songwriting and Music Arrangement

If you want to improve on making a better beatbox showcase routine and get better in the musicality for your beatboxing, this is the class which you don’t want to miss! Everyone will get to create their own personal showcase routines and improve on their level of musicality. Improve your beatbox routines at your best! We are very certain Gene Shinozaki and Chris Celiz are unmatched in this field! You are in good hands!

Fredy Beats

Stage Presence and Performance

Get ready for this because it’s going to be a lot of beatboxing on the street! You will first learn the knowledge for presenting themselves on stage and develop a higher sense of stage presence to capture the audience’s attention when you are performing. And then there will be the practical side where you actually get on the street to perform and busk, with the guidance of our key teacher – Fredy Beats! He will help you step by step throughout your journey to be a killer on stage!


Training and Refining Your Beatbox Technique

This class will help you to definitively level up on your beatbox technique and get more efficient in your beatbox and be more stable in your rhythm! In this lesson, you will also start to understand that there are some sounds which connect better than others which can do well in more complicated rhythmic patterns! What’s most important is your rhythm! So there will be a lot of rhythm and tempo training exercises for every one of you! Needless to say, you are in safe hands of the 2015 World Beatbox Champion, Alem!

Uniteam (Alem and Alexinho)

Tag Teams Training

Speaking of World Beatbox Champions, let’s add Alexinho in the picture! The 2015 and 2018 World Champs will be teaming up as Uniteam to teach you guys how to actually work together as a team like clockwork! This is a lesson you won’t want to miss you would like to try to collaborate with another beatboxer! There will be many chances to perform and tag team battle on stage! So get ready!


Advanced Looping

We don’t need much words of introduction for this lesson. This lesson is only for those who want to further level up in their looping skills to the next level. World Looping Champion Saro will teach you different ways and variations to play with your loopstation and also help develop new ideas along the way! Get ready to be the next potential loop champion!


Learning New Sounds and Battling

For those who would like to improve in their sound vocabulary and also want to improve on battling on stage, this lesson is for you! With D-Low’s huge vocabulary of special sounds and knowledge to develop new ideas for you, we are sure you will be able to level up as beatboxer at your best! Get ready for lots of fun and practice!

There will also be lectures which you do not want to miss to further improve on your knowledge for beatboxing.

Not forgetting a jamming area for you to jam and beatbox at your free time!

Singing lessons are also available to train your vocal abilities if you would like to get better at singing too! This is very important if you want to improve the quality of your beatbox routines which involves melodies and vocals.

On the evenings, every student gets the chance to get into action to showcase and battle each other on stage followed by Epic Fantasy Battles, with UK beatbox legend Killa Kela as this year’s official Host!

There will also be after parties every night with Fair Play Dance Camp where beatboxers and dancers can share their knowledge and jam with each other!

Our goal for SBX CAMP is not only helping you grow your best in beatboxing, but to also give you the best memories and build bonds with everyone from around the world!

Be sure to see you guys at camp!! It’s going to be your best beatbox summer experience!!




I say the 3, you say the 2 to the 1. Let’s Level Up!!! Grab your ticket now!

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Make sure you also read the Terms and Conditions to participate.


  1. Vetle Budsberg 1 year ago

    Hello. I have enrolled, but I was wondering if there is a ticket With Food (every meal) but no accomodation? I will stay in nearby hotel so I only need the Food.

    • Dharni 1 year ago


      Please write to the email! [email protected]

    • Dharni 1 year ago

      Most likely you should purchase the ticket package without food and accommodation, and pay for the meal card there at the event!

  2. Rewd 1 year ago

    Yo Dharni! I won’t be able to make it this year. but, do you know if there will be anymore sbx-camps in the future?

  3. Line Budsberg 1 year ago

    were in Crakow is ( adress) is the loction

    • Dharni 1 year ago

      It’s in AWF, University of Physical Education

      al. Jana Pawła II 78, 31-571 Kraków, Poland

  4. Asvinraj Anpalgan 1 year ago

    I can’t go this year because I’m going to Sri Lanka. Will there be opportunities in other years?

  5. MEHMET BERKSAN 1 year ago

    Hello. I am planning to attend 2019 SBX CAMP. I have questions. I sent them to [email protected]. I also sent them to your facebook account via Messenger. No replies at all. Anybody there???

    • Dharni 1 year ago


      Have they replied you yet?

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