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Kilaa — 3 years ago

SBX Kickback Battle 2021 Loopstation Wildcard Competition

SBX Kickback Battle 2021 Loopstation Wildcard Competition

Welcome to The Kickback Battle 2021: BOSS RC-505 Loopstation Edition! 

Loopstation Wildcard Competition

This will be a very very special edition of the Kickback battle – we have a huge surprise in store for you all! If you are a beatbox looper, you DO NOT want to miss this opportunity! We cannot say more as of now – more information will come out in due time – just trust us when we say that nothing like this has ever happened in the beatbox community before!

The battle itself will take place online from the end of July until the beginning of October 2021. It will be in the same format as the first kickback battle – 8 participants will battle it out online over 2 ½ months to decide the ultimate winner of the SBX Kickback Battle 2021: BOSS RC-505 Loopstation Edition. There will be a seeding round, followed by quarter-finals, semi-finals, and the finals. All further details regarding the battle and prizes etc. will be posted in due time.

The wildcard competition will take place from 00:00 CET on the 5th May (RC-505 day) until 23:59 CET on the 23rd May 2021, with the 8 winners being announced on the 3rd June (please see below for all rules regarding the wildcard competition). 

Watch Wildcards

Make sure you check out all the wildcards submitted to this competition. If you are one of the participants, your video will appear here as well after it has been reviewed successfully.

Watch All Wildcards

Battle overview

  1. All wildcard winners will be sent a full studio package of the equipment needed to participate in the battles.
  2. Once they receive the equipment, they will be contacted by the SBX team to help with the setup.
  3. The first round will be the seeding round, which will consist of a 3 minute – 3 minute 30 second loop-station routine.
  4. The order of the ranking by the judges during the seeding round determines the order of the battle, as well as which artists get to decide who goes first in each battle (the higher ranked seed always gets to decide).
  5. All rounds and battle audio will be mastered by Sinjo, with the video being edited and colour-graded by the SBX team, before being sent to the opponent to record their response.
  6. Each participant gets 24 hours to watch their opponents round and then record a response.
  7. This format will continue for all battles until the finals, where the final winner and runner up will be decided.
  8. Each participant will also record a freeform shoutout with no limitations once they have been eliminated or have been announced the winner.
  9. Battle rounds will also be between 3 minutes and 3 minutes and 30 seconds (your round can finish anywhere inside this window).
  10. Each round will be posted online from Monday to Thursday, with the full battle being uploaded on Friday. 
  11. The winners of each battle will be announced via livestream after each complete section on the following Saturday (just like in the Kickback Battle: Solo Edition).
  12. There will also be additional judge showcases and reaction live-streams throughout the entire battle.

Wildcard Competition Entry Rules

  1. Wildcard Competition open for submissions from 00:00 CET on the 5th May until 23:59 CET on the 23rd May 2021.
  2. The eight winners will be announced on the 3rd June 2021.
  3. Entry submissions must be uploaded to YouTube, and then submitted through the submission form available on our website – http://www.swissbeatbox.com
    1. Any wildcards that are not submitted through the official registration form WILL NOT be accepted.
  4. Wildcards can only be uploaded ONCE (only the first upload registered will be accepted).
  5. Audio must be recorded from the loopstation, together with the video.
    1. Lip syncing, pre-loaded samples, or any effects that are not performed live are strictly prohibited. Everything must be performed and recorded live in the wildcard video.
    2. Your face and loopstation/extra device MUST BE VISIBLE in the video during the entire performance!
    3. It must be a one take with no cuts or angle changes! We need to see that this is a one take performance to be qualified as a wildcard.
  6. Audio post-production processing can be processed with Compression, EQ, and Reverb, anything else is not allowed.
    1. Audio processing CANNOT be automated (cannot change over time, whole audio must be processed the same way).
  7. You must email [email protected] with your device name and model number to have your device approved (approval process may take up to 72 hours).
    1. If you do not get official approval for your device then your wildcard may not be accepted.
    2. See list of pre-approved devices below (this will constantly be updated, so keep checking back to see if your device has been added).
  8. One second audio effects device is allowed, but must be pre-approved by Sinjo first – please email [email protected] with your second device model name and he will get back to you as soon as possible.
  9. Pre-approved devices:
    1. Korg Kaoss Pad KP3
    2. Helix Line6
    3. TC Helicon Voicelive 3 (and Extreme)
    4. BOSS GT-10B
    5. BOSS RC-505
    6. BOSS RC-202
    7. BOSS GT-1000
    8. BOSS SY-1000
  10. Additionally, you may also use midi controllers for your RC-505 or extra device, as well as audio pre-amps/converters for the microphone (for example, if you have a condenser microphone and need to provide phantom power, you may use an adapter to allow for this).
  11. All sounds must be generated or triggered through the human voice or body.
  12. No pre-recorded sounds allowed.
  13. No keyboards allowed.
  14. Please remember – if your approved device has the ability to use pre-recorded samples, you are not allowed to use these functions in the wildcard. If you do, you will be immediately disqualified from the competition. All synths must be voice triggered.
  15. Wildcards must include the correct introduction – “My name is [ARTIST NAME], and this is my KBB21: BOSS RC-505 Loopstation Edition wildcard.”
  16. Title of the wildcard must be labelled correctly – [ARTIST NAME] – KBB21: BOSS RC-505 Loopstation Edition Wildcard (e.g. Pepouni – KBB21: BOSS RC-505 Loopstation Edition Wildcard).
  18. If your wildcard contains any forms of hate speech, harassment of any kind, derogatory or demeaning speech, objectification of people, or anything that is purposefully offensive towards a person or group of people, the wildcard will be immediately disqualified.
  19. 8 wildcard winners will be announced on the 3rd of June 2021.


The judges for the Wildcard competition and Battles are…

  • Rythmind – GBB19 Loopstation Champion
  • Inkie – Loopstation Vice World Champion 2018
  • Saro – GBB17 Loopstation Champion

Judging Criteria

Technicality / Production Value (20 points)

  • Sound design
    • How technically proficient and well created is the sound design of the techniques in the loop (drums, synths, bass, special fx etc.)
      • Points: Solid fundamentals and good sound design scores higher points, weaker fundamentals and poor quality sound design scores lower points.
  •  Consistency
    • How consistent the performance is throughout the routine – e.g. if the person cuts tracks in and out on the faders, is that element consistent and in time etc.
      • Points: Consistent reproduction of sounds scores higher, inconsistencies lowers points.
  •  Cleanliness
    • How clean the sound, frequency placement, and production is in the routine.
    • How intelligible the lyrics or speech is.
      • Points: Clean sounds and intelligible lyrics scores full points, the more unclean sounds there are the more points they lose (same for lyrics).
  • Complexity of the Production
    • Are complex or technically advanced production techniques in the equipment utilised well to create a well produced track.
    • Combining specific techniques that are physically difficult to perform on the equipment.
      • Points: The higher the complexity of the production, the higher points they score.
  • Execution of technical vocal techniques and sound combinations
    • Performing complex or unique singing/vocal techniques.
    • Alternating between low and high vocal notes quickly.
      • Points: The more unique, complex, or technical vocal techniques executed, the more points they gain. If they attempt any and make mistakes, points are lost. If they don’t execute any, then no change.
  • Frequency placement and mixdown
    • Are the different tracks in the song using correct frequency placement to create a well produced track? – e.g. Not too many frequencies clashing with each other on different tracks so that the detail is lost.
    • Is EQ and compression and other mixing techniques being used well to create a well balanced and well produced track.
      • Points: The better the overall production value and mixdown of the track, the higher the score.

Musicality (20 Points)

  • Correct pitch/tone (in key)
    • Are the notes being used in key to the rest of the musical composition?
      • Points: If notes are all in key and on pitch, they get full points. The more mistakes made, the more points are lost.
  •  Composition
    • The proficiency, complexity, and enjoyability of the musical composition of the piece.
      • Points: The more proficient, complex, and enjoyable the composition is, the higher points they score. The poorer the composition, the less they score.
  •  Structure
    • Is the routine well structured in terms of songwriting and composition.
      • Points: The better and more accurate the structure, the more points scored.
  • Use of dynamics
    • Are dynamics utilised to help create a journey and dynamic change throughout the routine.
      • Points: Dynamics used well to create change and flow throughout the routine gain more points. The less dynamics used, the less points scored.
  •  Groove/Rhythm
    • Do the drums and composition have groove and rhythm and utilise these elements to create an interesting musical piece?
      • Points: The more groove and rhythm, the more points assigned.
  • Use and accuracy of complex time signatures.
    • Do they use complex or unique time signatures, and if so, how well executed are they?
      • Points: If complex time signatures used, points gained for accuracy, points lost for mistakes. If no unique time signature are used, no change. If mistakes are made in normal time signatures (eg 4/4) then points are also lost.
  •  Timing/Tempo
    • How well you stay in tempo with yourself during that stage of the performance.
      • Points: Points are only lost if mistakes in timing and tempo are made. Otherwise, no change.

Showmanship (20 Points)

  • Does the artist display confidence and character during their performance?
    • Eg. Looking directly in the camera, performing with confidence, any special tricks or gimmicks related to showmanship.
    • A performance that utilises these elements combined with interesting visual aspects will also give extra points (visual creativity in the performance).
      • Points: The more confidence and character displayed, the higher the points scored. Visual additions that add to the character of the performance and highlight the music will gain extra points.
  • How much is the artist painting a picture of the musical piece?
    • Setting the scene and creating a vibe that fits the musical piece or routine.
      • Points: The more the visual aesthetic of the routine matches the musical elements and creates a scene that lends itself to the music, the higher the points scored.

Originality (40 Points)

  • How well the artist combines all the above criteria to create an original musical piece.
    • Combining and executing the elements of technicality, musicality, and showmanship in an original and unique manner within the context of the routine.
      • Points: The more the above criteria is executed in an original and unique manner, the more points they score.
  • Original sounds or techniques.
    • Sounds used are either an original or unique sound to that beatboxer, or is a popular sound they have appropriated in a way that is unique to that performance or beatboxer.
      • Points: If a sound is original, or if a sound is being used in an original way, they score higher points.
  • Are the musical structure, composition, groove etc. original?
    • Are the INDIVIDUAL aspects of the above criteria unique or original? EG, original routines, beat patterns, composition, structure, groove, time signatures, production techniques etc.
      • Points: The more original and unique, the more points are gained.
  • How entertaining and well executed is this originality in the performance?
    • I.e. Just because something is original, doesn’t mean it’s good – is the original aspect of the routine entertaining and enjoyable to listen to/watch?
      • Points: The more enjoyable the originality is, the higher the points they score.

Wildcard Audio Mastering

We would like to give people the opportunity to have their own wildcard audio professionally mixed and mastered by the one and only Sinjo, the Head of Sound for Swissbeatbox.

We feel that audio quality is important in your wildcards, as it helps the judges to hear the best possible version of your loop station track.

As a special deal for all KBB21: BOSS RC-505 Loopstation Edition wildcards, Sinjo is offering to master your wildcard audio for the special price of 30€. If you are interested, please contact Sinjo either on Instagram (@sinjo_sbx) or on his email – [email protected]

If you would like to take advantage of this offer, please make sure you contact Sinjo well before the deadline so there is enough time to master the audio, and for you to submit the final wildcard through our website.

Good luck, we can’t wait to hear all your awesome wildcards!

Wildcard Application

Click below to submit your application for the wildcard competition once you have read the rules and regulations (above). Good luck to all participants, and make sure you give your best!

This competition has ended. No more submissions will be accepted. Winners have been announced on our Social Media channels. Watch All Wildcards here. 


  • Adam Hardie Adam Hardie 3 years ago
    this is gonna be insane
  • Rachel Rachel 3 years ago
    So excited for this event!

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