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Kilaa — 3 years ago

SBX Kickback Battle 2021 Wildcard Competition

SBX Kickback Battle 2021 Wildcard Competition

General Battle Information

Starting in January and running through March of 2021, Swissbeatbox will be hosting the SBX Kickback Battle. This is a SAFE, Stay-at-Home SOLO beatbox battle, where social media is the stage! Participants will also use a specific home AUDIO setup, which we will provide, to record battle rounds. Battles will then be mixed and mastered for optimal quality, and then released across all SBX platforms. Each day we will release a battle round.

Once the tournament section is over, a judging panel will share their decisions via livestream. Our main goal with this format is to provide the best audio experience possible, for both artists and fans, during this time when a live battle just isn’t possible. We also want to help provide some practical support, so this is why we are happy to announce that CASH PRIZES for first place is 2K USD, and for second place is 1K USD. 

Make sure, you read the rules below! Once you are ready, use the button below and follow the instructions to submit your wildcard. Good luck!

The competition has ended. No more submissions will be accepted. Winners have been announced on our Social Media channels. Watch all the Kickback Wildcards here.



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This contest is open to everyone, worldwide! All you need to participate is a safe place to receive the home AUDIO shipment, a computer with recording software, camera or device to record videos, time to participate in a couple of group training sessions and livestreams and also to record battle rounds throughout the battle period (a few hours a week), and lastly a solid internet connection to train and communicate with SBX during this process.

JOIN US Saturday, December 12th for SBX Team Q&A to ask questions live.

Rules summary

Here’s a summary of the rules and regulations. Please make sure you read all the guidelines below before submitting a wildcard. Wildcards that violate the rules will be excluded from the competition.

  • Wildcard Submissions will be accepted from Midnight (00:00) 8th of December  – until (23:59)  December 22nd, 2020. 
  • Videos must be uploaded to YouTube, and the link posted in the registration form available on our website – swissbeatbox.com
  • Wildcards can only be uploaded ONCE (only the first upload registered will be accepted).
Video Description
  • Wildcards must include correct introduction – “My name is [ARTIST NAME], and this is my wildcard for the SBX Kickback Battle 2021”
  • Title of the wildcard must be labeled correctly – [ARTIST NAME] – SBX Kickback Battle 2021: Solo Wildcard (e.g. Pepouni – SBX Kickback Battle 2021: Solo Wildcard).
  • All recording methods allowed.
  • Audio can be processed with Compression, EQ, and Reverb, anything else is not allowed.
  • Audio processing CANNOT be automated (cannot change over time, whole audio must be processed the same way).
  • The length of the beatboxing in each wildcard must not be less than or exceed plus or minus 10% of the allowed time of 2 minutes, not including intro/outro of video.

Make sure you check out the full rules below and leave a comment if you have any questions.

General Rules

The wildcard competition for the SBX Kickback Battle 2021 will be open for submissions from midnight on the 8th of December until 23:59 CET on the 22nd of December 2020. To take part in the wildcard competition, participants must upload their wildcards to YouTube and then post the link in the submission form available on the Swissbeatbox website -swissbeatbox.com.

Wildcards can only be registered ONCE – that means, if you have uploaded a wildcard earlier in the registration window, and then decide later that you want to upload a new one instead, this new wildcard will not be accepted. Instead, we will only judge the original upload. If you delete your original upload and try to replace it with a new one, then you will forfeit your wildcard altogether, and not be accepted into the competition at all. This is to avoid confusions in the registration and judging process that has occurred in the past – wildcards were replaced with newer versions which were not registered correctly and as such some people’s wildcards were not judged at all. So MAKE SURE that the wildcard you upload is your FINAL version, as you will not be able to edit or re-upload it later.

Any recording method is allowed for the wildcards – that is to say, you can use anything from a smartphone camera to a professional setup with a separate microphone and camera. You may process your audio recording with basic dynamic (compression) and EQ plugins, as well as reverb. What is not allowed is automated processing (such as EQing and compressing the kick and snare differently). The entire recording must be processed in the same way. Also, things such as distortion, delay, or any time based or frequency distortion effects are strictly forbidden, as these alter the integrity of your audio recordings.

All participants MUST introduce themselves in the video as follows – “My name is [ARTIST NAME], and this is my solo wildcard for the SBX Kickback Battle, 2021.” If this statement is not included at the beginning of the video, it will not be accepted. This is to avoid people using previous uploads or shoutouts as wildcards for this event – your wildcard MUST be a unique video made specifically for entry into the SBX Kickback Battle 2021: World League event. It is also designed this way to encourage creativity and innovation within the beatbox community.

The title of the Wildcard Video must be labeled as follows: [ARTIST NAME] – SBX Kickback Battle 2021: Solo Wildcard (e.g. Pepouni – SBX Kickback Battle 2021: Solo Wildcard).

Finally, the length of the beatboxing time off the wildcard video must be 2 minutes long, with plus or minus 10% of the time. If your beatboxing time in the video does not fall within plus or minus 10% of the time limit, points will be deducted from the voting of your wildcard, meaning you will have less of a chance to make it into the competition. This does not include your intro or outro in the video.

Submit your wildcard

Ready to submit your wildcard? Click below to submit your application for the wildcard competition. Good luck to all participants, and make sure you give your best!

The competition has ended. No more submissions will be accepted. Winners have been announced on our Social Media channels. Watch all the Kickback Wildcards here.

Watch latest wildcards

Every approved wildcard will be published in the Community section here on our website.
Make sure, you check out all submitted SBX Kickback Wildcards here.


  • Q_ttiee Q_ttiee 3 years ago
    Hello, merry Christmas to everyone there, and I would like to ask: until today, I still can't see my wildcard in the website, does this mean it got rejected? And if it really got rejected, is there someone in Swissbeatbox I could talk to in about that? Because I didn't break any of the competition rules, so I dont know why it got rejected and I would like to know if there is something I could do about that, because I really did it all right, didn't break any rules and still, as it seems, my wildcard got rejected.
    • Kilaa Kilaa 3 years ago
      Hello and merry Christmas! Please note that we cannot reply to all the rejected wildcard submission due to the amount of submissions. However, we'll check that and let you know here, if it was falsely rejected.
    • Q_ttiee Q_ttiee 3 years ago
      Ok, thank you! And just to clarify things, because maybe this was a bit confusing, at the second 0:47-0:48 the background noise was a lightning, because when I recorded my wildcard it was raining, so I didn't put any warning in the video or something like that because I thought it was noticible that it was a background noise, just like in Tomazacre's wildcard, but I didn't distort the audio or something like that, I recorded my wildcard directly from my phone and uploaded it the way it was.
  • GodzBeat GodzBeat 3 years ago
    ESH Man !!
  • Koda Fx Koda Fx 3 years ago
    I was wondering if there some professional beat boxers that aren’t allowed to enter?
  • Q_ttiee Q_ttiee 3 years ago
    Hello, are you going to upload more wildcards to the site? Because I can't see my wildcard in the site but I didn't break any of the rules for the wildcard competition, so I rope you have more wildcards to upload and my wildcard wasn't rejected for no reason.
    • Kilaa Kilaa 3 years ago
      Hey! Yes, all valid wildcards will be published on our website. If you left your email during submission, you should have received a notification once it's published.
  • UnKnown UnKnown 3 years ago
    Hello again beings, I can't see my Wildcard in the list, Even newer ones are already up. Is it a rule violation that we are wearing a Maske? To Safe the identity of my being part? Everything else we followed as Sayed, except for telling witch country my beings come from. We didn't saw a rule for wearing a mask. Even Rapers do so, why not beatboxers? Thankfully ?
    • UnKnown UnKnown 3 years ago
      Btw. I didn't left a email address for the submission. https://youtu.be/OypibY9fvGQ This was the video link for the submission. If something went wrong by the submission I didn't noticed it.
    • UnKnown UnKnown 3 years ago
      And sorry that we didn't reply the last massage, We saw the Funktion to late. Thank you ?

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