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SBX TEZAREKT – The GBB Allstars NFT Collectible Series


SBX Community Updates 2022

As a community leading platform, SBX is committed to improving its organisation standards and continuing its contribution to the beatbox scene. After recent events, SBX has been undergoing an internal restructure and realigning its strategic goals to further enhance its deliverables. In doing so, prioritising the community has become more important than ever.

SBX Enters Web 3.0?!

To push the boundaries of beatbox beyond the stage and social media, SBX is entering the world of Web 3.0 and blockchain technology. In conjunction with our official partners at Tezarekt, SBX is excited to announce the development and rollout of innovative digital collectibles in the form of true NFTs (non-fungible tokens).

With the rapid improvement and development of Web 3.0, SBX and Tezarekt see great potential in contributing support for all beatbox organisations around the world. We believe this project can build a self-sustaining financial ecosystem for beatboxers, as well fans and supporters of the artform. Therefore, fueling the beatbox community with greater opportunities ranging from stronger artistic development to event experiences. Overall, this means artists and organisations have the ability to be self-funded within the community and create a whole new economy for the art.

What the Esh is Tezarekt!?

Tezarekt is a gamified NFT marketplace focused on developing interactive projects ONLY for curated community-based artists and partners. They go beyond the traditional standard means of supporting the artform(s) by creating projects that cater only to that specific community. This is achieved through the integration of various gamified modes of the Gachapon System.

GBB Allstars NFT Collectible Cards

Together with Tezarekt, we are truly excited to announce the creation of our exclusive GBB Allstars NFT Collectible Cards. These digital collectible cards, each hand designed by pixel artist, Pixelwolfie, are renditions of the GBB participants and judges, accompanied with beatbox audio snip-bits. The cards will come in multiple forms (solo-based artists to group-based artists), including unique rarity levels generating suspense and excitement for the collector’s journey. A truly gamified-based concept, collecting the GBB Allstars cards is only the beginning of the experience! Stay tuned for more announcements from SBX and Tezarekt down the pipeline!

Utility descriptions

  • GBB Ticket Discount: Get lifetime discounted ticket prices up to 20% and beyond!
  • GBB Merch Discount: Get lifetime discounted merchandise up to 30% and more!
  • Early Bird Reserved Slot: Be part of an exclusive utility raffle for early bird ticket price, which if you win, is in addition to your GBB lifetime discounted ticket price.
  • Priority Entry: Skip the line! Get prioritised access to all GBB events without waiting.
  • Free Ticket (Raffle) Be part of an exclusive raffle to win a GBB complimentary ticket!
  • VIP Pass From backstage passes to lounge party rooms, get lifetime VIP access.
  • Free Flight (Raffle) Be part of an exclusive raffle to win a free round-trip flight to GBB.Free Hotel (Raffle) Be part of an exclusive raffle to win free lodging at GBB location.

How is the revenue shared?

Tezarekt will provide a platform for you to earn and interact at the same time. The following information provides stakeholder transparency and breakdown of the earnings distribution (profit-share) per NFT transaction-types for the GBB Allstars Project:

Primary sales split
(Initial Sale)

  • Seller (SBX) 33.5%
  • Beatboxer(s) 33.5%
  • Client (Tezarekt) 20.0%
  • Designer(s) 13.0%

Secondary sales split

  • Seller (SBX) 2.5%
  • Beatboxer(s) 2.5%
  • Client (Tezarekt) 2.5%
  • Designer(s) 2.5%
  • Reseller (You) 90.0%

33.5% for SBX?

As previously mentioned, we truly believe that this collaboration can springboard a new approach to providing self-sustaining support to not only beatboxers and organisations, but fans and supporters of the beatbox community as well, and enable them to make a living with what they love.

For Artists – building financial stability will allow them to hone their skills and energy in more creative capacities instead of strenuously seeking funds.

For Organisers – to be able to fund their own projects not only through the support of sponsors, but eventually by the beatbox community.

For Fans/Supporters – to be able to interact with the artists differently and at the same time make a living by supporting.

Building consistent revenue streams for everyone.

For Beatbox Artist

The unique case of an artist building a successful beatbox career, now can be realised more. Projects like this provide artists an opportunity to monetize content creation via Web 3.0 through the smart contract. Being able to automatically receive percentages from primary sales (initial revenue split) and secondary transactions (royalties for each C2C sale), beatboxers define how much lucrativity they can gain from the Tezarekt platform. Beatboxers can also choose to push their creativity and fan interactivity to the next level by providing utilities (perks) for fans/supporters. For example, attaching other rewards or services to the collector like an exclusive masterclass. The vision is that artists can find more ways to monetize their beatbox passion by pushing their brand, increasing production value, upgrading equipment quality, etc.

For the Beatbox community and SBX

The SBX team hopes this project can become a part of, or a full-time replacement to seeking sponsorship funds in the future. However, just getting started, any income is helpful to fund the team’s productivity, production and event management activities.

As the SBX team does not consist of many members, any generated income would be useful to support additional manpower to the media production and social media business units.

From an event side, specifically GBB, funds can be allocated to cover 1) full logistics costs of artist travels including flights, accomodation, food expenses 2) increased event security and safety measures 3) venue quality 4) stronger event preparation, manpower, logistics 5) additional elevated event experiences.

Additionally, innovative SBX initiatives in the pipeline, which need development funds can be kicked-off, produced with appropriate workloading and manpower. So, SBX has the ability to deliver more impactful content for the community!

NFT – Cash-Grab Exit Scam!? Environmentally Harmful!?

Trustlessness: Trusting the system can be difficult, but can be achieved by not trusting others… Sounds ironic, right? The blockchain, a decentralised network, is built on the concept of trustlessness, which means “that the participants involved do not need to know or trust each other or a third party for the system to function. In a trustless environment, there is no single entity that has authority over the system, and consensus is achieved without participants having to know or trust anything but the system itself.”* Basically, no human-to-human trust is needed, but rather gaining confidence in the system’s protocol. *Source: Binance Academy

NFT Scams: Unfortunately, the world of NFTs has been abused with numerous scams and fraudulent activities. However, with that in mind, individual due diligence is always encouraged to study the background of the marketplace and purchase item(s). The Tezarekt platform will ensure verification functions to minimise any fraudulent exposure in their network. By authenticating original NFT assets and KYC (know-your-customer) verification guidelines, Tezarekt builds a more secure and validated environment for all users.

Cash-Grab: The idea of flipping NFTs for quick gains at increased prices, just leaves the last holder with an unaffordable/unsellable collectible. Tezarekt’s main goal is to provide the beatbox community growth opportunities, and will regulate this quick-cash scheme by not allowing any inflation on assets, leaving them at fixed prices even in spite of high-demand. Therefore, promoting a fair and supportive environment between stakeholders.

Eco-Friendly: There is the argument of transactions on the blockchain not being environmentally friendly due to energy-intensive activities. However, Tezarekt has taken measures to go through other means to run their system in a more eco-friendly manner. This is achieved by utilising a POS (proof-of-stake) model vs. POW (proof-of-work) model. More can be read here on the topic.

Dharni Keeps it Moving

One of the Tezarekt key members is none other than a beatbox icon in his own right… DHARNI! As the Creative Director, Head of PR & Marketing and Co-Founder of Tezarekt, his experience and insights of the beatbox world match perfectly with SBX’s future vision and goals. His narrative and passion for the artform only justifies more why this project fits the beatbox evolution. As a multi-champion beatboxer with a huge social media presence, his global experiences from GBB to other high-profile stages… only validates his involvement and drive to bring beatbox to new heights! Alongside Dharni, the team is led by CEO/COO – Kenneth Koh, and a seasoned team of experienced backgrounds. Meet Tezarekt!

To Infinity and Beatbox!

As we have witnessed the evolution of beatbox, it is only right, we continue to spread the spirit and awareness of the artform into the Metaverse! The wonderful aspect of this partnership is that whatever is put in the community, is truly utilised within the community. Therefore, bolstering the foundation of beatbox, while elevating the artform through innovative activities and growth opportunities! Join SBX and Tezarekt as we launch the GBB nation into the next frontier!

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