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Swissbeatbox on youtube — 3 years ago

Semifinals Compilation & Judges Results | SBX KICKBACK BATTLE 2021

Semifinals Compilation & Judges Results | SBX KICKBACK BATTLE 2021

Here are the Semifinals’ Judges Results of SBX KICKBACK BATTLE 2021! Both battles were incredibly intense and fun to watch, and they showed us the true potential of the SBX Kickback Battle’s unique format. The judges had an extremely difficult time meticulously scoring each round and coming to a decision.

Thank you to the judges
NaPoM ??
Alexinho ??
Tom Thum ??

We would like to recognize the talent and dedication from all four of these beatboxers in the semifinals:
Villain ??
Zekka ??
B-Art ??
D-low ??

Thank you to everyone who tuned into the livestream! We broke our record from last time by passing 12,000 concurrent viewers on YouTube. The final livestream will be on March 29th, and there we’ll decide on a winner for the SBX Kickback Battle and who will be the winners of the #SBXKickbackGiveaway

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