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Swissbeatbox on youtube — 9 months ago

TiONEB | A Grain of Sand

TiONEB | A Grain of Sand

From the album 7 decent tracks / copyright 2023 (SACEM)
Digital Label CDBABY


A word from TiONEB:
Hello everyone! i hope you liked this one. It’s been a while but i’m back with
some brand new stuff, a new album called “7 DECENT TRACKS” and a
brand new live concept, infusing synth sounds and sequencing into my
usual live-looping routine and also by developing my solo beatbox abilities
in order to make some exciting and surprising live content. Please
subscribe to my channel and share as much as possible, thank you in
advance 🙌. Many more videos will follow so stay tuned!

You can download this track or the new album and all the previous ones at

This would be my favorite option as Bandcamp is a super artist friendly
company but I also put “7 DECENT TRACKS” on most streaming and
downloading platforms (Spotify, Youtube, Itunes and more than 100 more)
so you should be able to find it 😉 ❤.

Follow or message me on:

INSTAGRAM instagram.com/tionebthelooper

FACEBOOK facebook.com/tionebthelooper

WEBSITE: http://www.tioneb.org

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