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TIONEB X SINEQUANONART | Last Hope Prayer (from « YŪREI »)

TIONEB X SINEQUANONART | Last Hope Prayer (from « YŪREI »)

Last Hope Prayer is a clip from the breathtaking show called YŪREI created by the avant garde dance company SINEQUANONART (choreography / video creation / production) and TIONEB (music). The name of the show means « Ghost » in Japanese but not any type of ghost, it refers to a spirit stuck between life and death because it has unfinished business on earth… It’s an allegory of our times full of hope and energy inviting the audience to break the chains of existence and make the light pierce through the shadows.

This show will be a headline act during the Florida Beatbox Festival 2022!


Instagram : sine_qua_non_art


Live-looped vocal music by Tioneb
Instagram: tionebthelooper

-Sakiko Oichi Insta: sakikichan
-Brice Rouchet Insta: brice__rcht

Video production:
Lucie Gagneux Insta: lucie__gagneux_

Video mapping operator:
Pierre Hebras insta: dropzone_lho

Sound mastering by Sinjo

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