Swissbeatbox on youtube — 4 years ago

TOM THUM, GENE, SARO & MB14 | Beatbox Is Music

TOM THUM, GENE, SARO & MB14 | Beatbox Is Music

It is very sad but this is the last video of the MB14 and Saro Artist SBX Artist Week! But this one we got to special guests! TOM THUM and Gene SHINOZAKI are joining for an epic beatbox team performance.


  • Twinky Twinky 2 years ago
    I love u all guys, your styles are similar and different at the same time... please, make a group, start doing songs, go to the gbb 2022, and kill everybody there!!!
  • BroccoliBeats BroccoliBeats 4 years ago
    Can anyone else see Pepouni at the start of the song on his phone? ? (or is that someone else? Forgive me if it is! ?‍♂️)

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