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TOMAZACRE | SBX Camp Showcase 2019

TOMAZACRE | SBX Camp Showcase 2019

Starting off strong with an incredible showcase by Tomazacre from Chile. The vice Grand Beatbox Battle Champion gives the crowd the time of their lives.

Follow Tomazacre on Instagram: @tomazacre

Follow SBX CAMP on Instagram: @sbxcampofficial

Thank you very much to the SBX CAMP 2019 Sponsors:

1) DPA, the microphone sponsor, we love your mics. Check more here:

2) Dynaudio, your support and speakers are lovely. Check more here:

3) BOSS & Roland, thanks for 7 years of involvement. Check more here:

4) RAZOR, for giving incredible prizes and products for the camp. Check more here:

5) Thank you THTC for the nice clothes. Check their shop:

6) Marcin Wojdalowicz for the incredible light setup: @marcin.wojdalowicz on Instagram

The entire beatbox family want to say thanks for your support. It was great to work with you all & we look forward to continuing this fantastic relationship with you.

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