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TOP 10 DROPS SOLO ? Grand Beatbox Battle 2020 Online

TOP 10 DROPS SOLO ? Grand Beatbox Battle 2020 Online

Are you ready for the TOP 10 DROPS SOLO of the Grand Beatbox Battle 2020 Online edition!? Experience all the POWER of these amazing artists, and be sure to hit that bell to show them your full support!

Huge Shoutout to our Grand Beatbox Battle Online 2020 Sponsors

1. BOSS | Thank you for cash prizes for our event! You have shown the community so much support. Can you believe we’ve been working together for 8 years! We look forward to many more!

Check BOSS out here:

2. DPA
Thank you also to DPA Microphones for the support! Your technology is really impeccable! You provide the best mics for beatboxing, hands down!

Check DPA out here:

It was great to work with you all & we look forward to continuing making magic with you.

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