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Swissbeatbox on youtube — 3 years ago

TOP (20-5) TAGTEAM Wildcard Compilation | GBB21: WORLD LEAGUE

TOP (20-5) TAGTEAM Wildcard Compilation | GBB21: WORLD LEAGUE

Here are your GBB21: World League TAG TEAM runner ups! Maximum respect to all of the entries!

Congratulations to these teams for ranking highly in this year’s wildcard competition. We have seen an unprecedented level of skill coming from the team beatbox categories, and choosing only 4 wildcard winners was no easy decision. We are looking forward to seeing lots of these tag team appear in other competitions around the world, and hopefully in next years GBB wildcard competition as well!

Tickets for GBB21: World League are still available! Please click the link below for more information about the event, tickets, and your stay at the @westinwarsaw hotel in Warsaw Poland (stay not included with tickets)

Grand Beatbox Battle 2021

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