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Swissbeatbox on youtube — 5 years ago

We Speak Music | Documentary | TRAILER

We Speak Music  |  Documentary  |  TRAILER

We Speak Music – Documentary – Trailer – Everything That You Think Is Possible With The Voice Is Not The Limit – Reeps One #WeSpeakMusic

There Is Always Something New Happening.
So where is our limit? Our artform beatboxing has given so much to the present and has so much more to give in the future.

Working in collaboration with Nokia Bell Labs the legendary beatboxer and member of the beatbox community, Reeps One, took a journey of discovery to understand more about the entire art form and how it inspires communities, scientists and engineers.

Be excited to watch a six-episode documentary WE SPEAK MUSIC, giving great insight into an art form with infinite potential.
We say thank you and for making this happen, and we look forward to some very exciting weeks.

Presented by Nokia Bell Labs & Lonleyleap – for more information, check out:

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