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Wildcard Competition Announcement feat. BBK – GBB20: World League

Wildcard Competition Announcement feat. BBK – GBB20: World League

The Grand Beatbox Battle 2020 wildcard competition will begin on the 21st of September 2019. Check out the official Wildcard Competition post here to get all information regarding rules and regulations, as well as submission forms and deadlines.

Good luck everyone!

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  • David David 4 years ago
    Who is the guy making the stank face in this thumbnail? I've seen him in tons of different GBB videos and I've dubbed him 'Waldo', because he's always in there somewhere and it's fun to find him. The camera always seems to focus on him after drops and such so I figure he must be well known...
  • Samuils Novojevskis Samuils Novojevskis 4 years ago
    Hi SBX and GBB! I’m fourteen years old, I very love beatbox and I love to watch You on youtube. Can I participate in your beatbox battles?
  • Kody collin Kody collin 4 years ago
    Hey everyone a GBB and SBB, I've loved all of the content everyone is making and I love watching The GBB on YouTube but I was wondering if you guys where able to come to Australia in 2021? We have so many places to hold a venue big enough for so many people it's not funny? I'd really love to go to GBB one day hope you guys see this. PS* uhhh high key codfish is the best sorry everyone else ?. Aussie Aussie Aussie oi oi oi

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